Girl Dies While Sleeping In Class

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A 5 years old Nursery 3 pupil of Nwatex Imperial Academy at Ogbumba Street, Little Miss ChikamsoChinedu, recently was said to have given up ghost while sleeping in her classroom in Abakaliki.

Narrating the incident, Mr. Chinedu, the deceased father told Citizens’ Advocate that on the fateful day, the child left his house hale and hearty but when he was at his workplace, he was surprised when he received a distress call stating that her daughter, late Chikamso had fallen ill, he rushed to their residence only for him to discover that she was already lifeless.

He added that following the information given to him, the child before the misfortune had cried heavily in the school, later she stopped crying and was calm but shortly after, they noticed that blood was gushing out of her nostrils at the spot where she was sleeping.

He said that before his arrival, the school director and other adults had taken the child to a hospital where she was confirmed dead by a medical doctor.

The girl’s paternal Aunt, whose name was not given, corroborated the information and added that the deceased before her death did not show any sign of illnessbefore she went to school, but surprisingly, some hours later, she was brought home amid tears and wailing by her class teacher and other staff.

According to the Aunt, while the deceased’s class teacher was teaching, she instructed all pupils to stand up, but late Chikamso whom they said that she was sleeping could not join others, to find out what was wrong with her, the teacher approached her and discovered that she was bleeding and before people could take her to hospital she had died.

Mr. Okechukwu Manasseh, the school proprietor told Citizens’ Advocate that the late 5 years old girl before her death was suffering from a health challenge which he described as ‘Down syndrome’ an ailment according to him which did allow the girl from her birth to behave normal both intellectually and otherwise unit the fateful day that she could not resist crisis associated with the problem.

He told us that the girl’s problem was so serious that she could not eat by herself in spite of her age, she was also in the habit of messing up her wears with excrement each time she wanted to ease herself in the school.

The proprietor further disclosed that immediately the crisis was noticed in her, she was rushed to a hospital where she was confirmed dead.

Another resident who pleaded anonymity told us that the deceased was battling health challenges associated with hormonal imbalance and it was based on that, she was not found physically fit until she died.

Citizens’ Advocate gathered that the deceased was buried the same day.


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