Let’s Talk-Speed Kills (2)

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The noise was so much that the man looked like he doesn’t know what was going on, the man was still sitting at the middle of the main road, surrounded by the crowd trying to judge the car driver for hitting the tricycle, not knowing that the tricycle hit the car. Some were busy narrating the incident.

I mustered courage and pulled the man up and took him to a safe area where there was lesser crowd, he was breathing heavily like someone who had just ran 100m race.

As the crowd kept on increasing, they were asking others what happened there, while I was busy performing my ‘unprofessional’ check up on the accident victim.

“Are you feeling any pain on your right and left leg?” I queried, as I folded the two legs to know if he’s feeling any pain, he responded No, I asked about his arms, he said No, except mild pain in his right elbow but he said he was feeling serious pain in his chest.


While I was still trying to check him, the man just laid down his back and immediately, someone shouted amidst the crowd “It is better than this man is taken to the hospital now before something else happens to him”.

I called him to stand up, he didn’t answer again, one man among the crowd rushed to lift him up into the car, but he wasn’t responding to the way we were moving him, it was as if we were dragging his lifeless body into the car, then fear enveloped me within a few seconds and I thought, “I believe that I’m not going to have the death of someone on my hand, since I was the one he wanted to drop at that junction before the accident occurred”

I started feeling guilty and I was also wondering why I didn’t alight at the junction before the junction I later alighted, where the crash happened.

In short, I blamed myself for telling the driver I would alight at that junction, my heartbeat increased abnormally, since I never saw someone give up the ghost, especially in my hand, but I just had the confidence that he was alive by God’s grace.

When we reached the hospital, we carried him down and as we were dropping him, he could barely walk again and he showed no sign of life, we practically carried him to the sickbed in the Accident and Emergency unit at the federal teaching hospital.

As we reached the hospital, the other woman that was in the car with me had already called my mum who informed my dad and quickly he was in the hospital.

Fortunately for the man, there was no emergency patient that night; he was attended to immediately, and he started making recovery.

We laid him down on the sickbed, the doctor came and put Pulsometer on his right index, the doctor called him, tapped him, but there was no response, I asked the doctor what’s wrong with him, he said, his pulse is fine but he doesn’t know why he’s not responding.

“But he will be fine, he looks alright”, the doctor added

My dad came, paid for his hospital card and bought a catheter for the man as requested by the doctor who eventually knows my dad who happens to be a doctor in an organization outside the state. They exchange pleasantries and penned down the driver’s number and told my dad that he will be ok soon, that he just needs to recover from the shock.

It took me a long time before I was able to recover from the shock, I wondered what if there were passengers in the tricycle? What would have happened to them, maybe there would have been casualties?

I’ve been passengers in other vehicles before that day and some of those drivers who sped less had been able to avert so many accidents because they were able to apply brakes and stopped before crashing into the other vehicles.

But this tricycle was overspeeding that he never matched brake and there was no screeching of his tricycle tyre to signify that he tried to stop, only God knows what he was thinking before he crashed into us.

To be Continued…

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