Religion as a Terror Machine

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Atheism at the long run may not have the last laugh, its catcalls and snide remarks on religion and God may actually be but a fad. For what is the need to denying there is no God nor a Supreme Being if actually there’s none.

What is the need of antiChrist when there is no Christ or the need for anti-malaria drugs when there is no malaria in the first place? What is the need denying something you claim doesn’t exist? It is quite preposterous. So at the end of the day, Mark Twain had the last laugh when he posited man as a religious being.

For everyday experience lay credence to the fact that man is a being that tends towards an infinite and seeks to communicate with a Supreme Being outside its self. Different religious set may not see eye to eye on the name of this Supreme Being, but none have actually denied that there is a supreme being. Our streets are a litter of churches, mosques and shrines. These multiverses sing one verse, and that is, there is a God.

It is unfortunate that the world today is rife with the abuse of religion, whereby many awful things are done and capped with the name of God, especially in this our clime. If we do not hear about religious fundamentalism that pulls heads off peoples neck, brothers at war because of their different beliefs, it would be about men of God who manipulate people, fake miracles and rob people of their money in broad daylight, if it is not that, we hear about worshippers that starve themselves to death in the name of fasting, or those going on their birthday suit on the premise that Adam and Eve were naked at creation. If not that, we hear about prosperity preachers that try making a magician of God, thereby playing on the intelligence of the poor masses and other gullible fellows, whose only fault has been trusting rather too much those they believe would lead them to the promised land. In Nigeria at the moment one of the most lucrative businesses is religion. These had led some to erroneously conclude that the major problem of Africa in general and Nigeria, in particular, is religion, but the truth is that this is just a case of a gun held by the wrong hands, something good falling into wrong hands.

Going by all these mock drama in the name of God, what then is the missing link? The obvious missing link is a major misconception, misconceiving religion as an end in itself rather than a means. It is when these two things are confused that the dust of disarray is wakened. Thus on understanding this, one need not be surprised to see that the number of worship places in Nigeria almost outnumbers the actual number of Nigerians. One would have expected that given the above situation that Nigeria would be a safe haven, but no, Nigeria is still at the forefront of the most corrupt nations in the world, she is still the poverty capital in the world, one of the most unsafe places to live in.  Where then is the pulpit, where then are the faithful?

This misconception has adverse consequences on the nation and retards its growth. One of the effects of this misconception of religion is that it has killed the spirit of hard work in most youths, thus the time they ought to be in the field they spend all day at worship places expecting miracles from God.  But experience clearly spells out that God is not in the habit of doing for us what he has given us the power to do. It has also made most Nigerians so gullible that they swallow everything down their throats once it is capped in the name of God. Our country has known pain like a sibling as a result of religious fundamentalism but it was done in the name of God. The greatest effect that the misconception of religion has had on most Nigerians is that it robbed them of their power of vision, their ability to think, as they sit waiting for manna. Realities that ought to be confronted and solved is blamed on the devil. Countries like South Africa, Rwanda, etc, are on a meteoric rise both technologically and economically, the western world is already at the acme in terms of national development, but here we are, killing each other because the Quran slipped from a person’s hands, going on public holidays because the moon once upon a time chose to hide itself, spending nights in churches and starving when we have not as much as do our own part.


Religion is a very beautiful thing but can become a terror when it is abused. There is nothing wrong with praying, but it must not be divorced from work. Prayer should complement efforts. It is okay to have a different belief, but others’ beliefs ought to be respected as well. Religion is not a business, peoples intelligence should not be played with.  There is therefore a need for a paradigm shift as regards religion, so that it would be seen more of as a means rather than an end in itself. Nigeria is a country where nobody can wake up in the morning and ask: what can I do now? There is always work

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