Our Political Leaders, Our Problem, Says OYC… Calls for Opening of Seaport

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The National President Ohaneze Youth Council, Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka on Sunday 27 October 2019 blamed 75 percent cases of marginalization raised by the people of the South East region to have been orchestrated by political leaders of the Igbo nation.

Speaking during the Ebonyi State Local Government convention and inauguration in Abakaliki, Comrade Igboayaka stated that Igbo leaders are behind the under-development suffered by the people.

Comrade Igboayaka pointed out that those representing the region at the National Assembly and governors of Igbo extraction are responsible for the poor development in the area, stressing that presently the region needs a standard operational seaport to reduce drastically the high level of unemployment and youth restiveness ravaging the region.

He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to hearken to the people’s voice as a way to boost economic development in the area.

According to him “Each time our people cry over the media for being marginalized, I shed tears because it is our brothers and sisters representing us at the Senate, House of Representatives and Governors that are responsible for our plight.

“Today within the Igbo speaking states, retirees are crying for nonpayment of pension, issue of bad roads, poorly equipped health centers, dilapidated primary and secondary schools, nonpayment of salaries, I want to ask; is it Buhari or northerners that are responsible for the provision of all these things?”

“We have a local government but they are not conducting election which if they do, a lot of things will begin to happen for good but they chose not to do that, and they blame others for their failed responsibilities.

“They should stand up to their responsibilities and that’s why I said that 75 percent marginalization issues raised are caused by our own leaders. They should sit up because there’s hunger in the land.

“They should start talking on how we will have seaport in Igbo land for that will reduce the level of joblessness and youth restiveness in the region because a popular adage has it that an idle mind is a devil workshop. It is our governors and senators that should start talking about the seaport and not the northerners”, he explained

The national youth president, further disclosed that Igbos constituted 42.8 percent of the overall population of the country against the Fulanis who are not up to seven million, and queried why are those leaders who are in power keep deceiving their subjects with the slogan of being marginalized.

“Do you know that Ndigbo constitutes 42.8 percent of the overall population of this country and you said that you are being marginalized by Fulanis who are not up to seven million. We have over one hundred and twenty million Igbos living in this country and they are telling us that we are being marginalized. So, that’s why I am mobilizing the youth so that we can transform our figure into a political capital.”

The Ebonyi State Chairman, Hon. Obiya Sabastine Friday, lauded the National President for his sincere effort and zeal for accountable leadership, describing the turn out of the day as a sign that the people of the state are ready to chart new course of better region under prudent leadership.

Hon. Obiya advised members, especially the new executives to show exemplary traits in their leadership pattern, even as they take the given assignment of rural mobilizations serious to ensure that every community is well rooted with the organizational activities.

He, however, advised members to maintain unity and imbibe the spirit of oneness as they must work together to return the region to its lost glory.

Meanwhile, earlier, the national president mentioned some of the challenges hindering the development of the region among which are: the nonexistence of functional seaport, installation of industrial gas pipeline, International Airport, National Electricity Grid Connection, construction of the road from Otuocha to Onicha by Umuyanta by-station to Abuja which he said the road was abandoned for over thirty years now and that has affected the people of the region who through the route can travel to the capital territory for business and return same day.

He insisted that if all these issues are addressed that it would go a long way to bring to end cases of crises and violence within the region.


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