Umahi Swears in DC Coordinators… Says: Don’t Betray People And Call It Politics

Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Umahi on Friday at the International Conference Centre swore in another 50 development center coordinators recently appointed into various development centres of the state.
He charged them to do away with all forms of betrayal in the name of politics, but play the game of politics according to rules.

Out of the 51 coordinators designate, one nominee was not successful during the screening at the House of Assembly and could not be sworn in.
13 coordinators had earlier been sworn in by the Governor before the last 50.
Addressing the coordinators, and other appointees including a new set of Executive Assistants, Senior Technical Assistants and Technical Assistants, Governor Umahi, charged them to ensure that every school dropout child in their center is returned to the classroom.
He said they should have a passion for the job and the welfare of widows who are being victimized in one way or the other.
He noted that they should live a disciplined life for others to emulate, stressing the need for the appointee to think outside politics and go into business and agriculture.
While admonishing them to operate in the fear of God, exhibit transparency and accountability in their offices, the governor urged them to effectively supervise the primary healthcare centers and schools within their domains.
He further urged them to carry their wives along in the benefits of their offices and be happy with themselves while they engage in other business and productive ventures, adding that their positions cannot last forever.
He stressed that the Nigerian economy would not be better managed until business persons mount the seats of power, especially the Presidential seat because leadership is a serious business.
Umahi emphasized that unless a businessman is given the opportunity to be at the corridors of power in Nigeria the country’s economy cannot be rebuilt.
In other words, a complete takeover of leadership positions by businessmen and women has been one sure bet for building the Nigerian economy to greater heights.

“The charge I will give is to rely on the charge I gave to the first coordinators, among which is the out of school children which is very important to the state, if you fail to be diligent in your job, it is at your own cost because, by January February /March, there will be brown new Jeep.
“So you have to be careful, first is to be disciplined; every man or woman that is not disciplined must be a poor man or woman. Be discipline that’s how success starts. Secondly, you need to have a passion for the job. By your words you are justified, the moment you pronounce a curse upon that money paid to you, it will not turn to anything.

“Be a happy person, forgive others, be disciplined, be ready to work. So when you have passion for the job, you can have passion for out of school children, you have passion for that widow that cannot afford even #500 to eat, you have passion for widows that are being victimized, for the poor that are being victimized. “He said.
“I want us to turn over a new leaf, you will not always be a coordinator, you will not always be in appointment but you can be a businessman or businesswoman.

“Until the Nigeria nation allow businessmen to take over positions of leadership the country’s economy cannot be rebuilt because the business of governance is a serious business”. He said
“Let the passion for the people occupy your mind, you will see how much we will grow, your success is not going to depend on the allocation given to you. If you are waiting for that you are wasting your time.
Let us go into farming, let us go into business, let us go to create wealth that is where your success depends upon so I wish you well.
“Keep your Development Centre clean, be discipline, come to work, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop and I am concerned because the only man you gossip is me, somehow I used to know about it. So to reduce the gossip, find something doing.”
“Always have passion for the job; passion for the out-of-school children; passion for widows and the poor that are being victimized. So I want you to turn a new leaf. You may not always be coordinators, but you can always be a businessman or woman. Until Nigeria nation allows businessmen to take over positions of leadership, the country’s economy cannot be built. The business of governance is a serious business.”
Governor Umahi who also inaugurated additional 63 Executive Assistants, Senior Technical Assistants and Technical Assistants recently appointed during the event, charged them to work in tandem with the progressive stance of his administration.
He warned the STAs and TAs to immediately get compulsory postings to work in any government ministry, department or agency of their choice to guarantee their monthly salaries.
Two appointees: Martha Nwankwo who spoke for the coordinators and Hon. Ibeabuchi Chukwu, on behalf of the STAs and TAs, promised the governor of their total support and commitment to move the state forward.
Cletus Ofoke, the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in the state, in his remarks, noted that the government is friendly to grassroots thus the reason for the swearing-in of the coordinators after thorough screening from the state House of Assembly and urged the appointees to take the good governance to the grassroots.
Recall that the governor had earlier sworn-in 13 Coordinators and about 400 EAs, STAs and TAs. With this, the number of coordinators becomes 63, remaining one, for the 64 development centers in the state.

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