Strange Ailment Attacks Nursing Mother

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A nursing mother, Amaka Rafiu from Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State whom strange sickness attacked on her legs has appealed to the general public who has a solution to her plight to come to her aid.

Mrs. Rafiu has been under a sickness on her two legs that if care is not taken she will get paralyzed and for over five months consequently, she can’t breastfeed her new baby which she gave birth to on May 1st. 2019.

She is a hard-working businesswoman, who out of her hard work made her to be appointed as one of the coordinators of “UGO” group, one of the pressure groups that worked for the re-election of Governor David Umahi in office.

Amaka, over the weekend, shared her gory experience with Citizens’ Advocate, and appealed to the public who knows or has a solution to her problem should come to her aid, else, she may die of it.

Her words: I am Amaka Rapiu, from Eziulo, Ishielu Local Government area of Ebonyi State. I am 27 years old with 2 children. I can’t explain what is happening to me. I woke up one morning and saw something like a boil on my leg with little water inside, so I pressed it and the water came out so then I was pregnant but with time I started noticing that the thing was turning black. When I went for antenatal, I showed it to the doctors but they said that it could be symptoms of the pregnancy that I should leave it like that. Then it was only on my left leg but it was getting dark. Nurses said maybe when I put to bed, the thing will clean out \and  I said ok, so the place was getting dark.

By then and I was walking with it; it was not disturbing me, even I was a member of the UGO group, that is Governor Umahi Empowerment beneficiaries so during the campaign I did everything with it.

The whole 13, local government areas we went for the campaign, I went with them and I was a strong member, I was the one mobilizing women, I was the Director of Mobilization. Any time they need people from my outfit, it is me that will mobilize. I was working with Orji Uchenna Orji then.

So we went for the campaign I was very strong with my pregnancy. It was after two weeks I put to bed that the second leg started. When it came out, it still came out as a boil again, one day I was passing in my parlor I hit my leg on the center table and the thing started bleeding. It bled so heavily that I became afraid and used cotton wool to control the blood. After that day, it started growing up like this. Before you know it within two months I could not work again.

They said it is poison, I tried native, I tried everything I could and there is no place I have not gone to in a native way. If you are treating it, it will do as if the thing wants to go before you know it, it will do as if they just renew it to come with force again. That is what I have been suffering at home since I put it to bed. That my baby is at home now and I am not breastfeeding her. My mother is the one taking care of her. She is five months old now. Since it started, I have not been myself.

I tried native to the extent that all the blood in my body dried. When they rush me to this hospital, they gave me two pints of blood before I could know where I was.

I have been suffering, the pain is too much even when they collected some samples for the test they said it will take a lot of time, like one month before the result will come out. Up till now, I am still waiting for the test result. I have done the test, nothing has been done on the legs. I have been in the hospital for over two weeks.

No improvement yet because I am still waiting for the result. The only thing they are doing is, they use to come and dress it every morning, I will pay them #300 to come and clean it every morning. It is very mysterious, I can’t explain it. I don’t know how I got into this, I don’t know how it came about. I am surprised. I really need help because I am suffering.

A brother to the woman, Okeonwe Sunday Gabriel, described the situation as a devastating one adding that their family has been thrown into serious dismay by the strange ailment.

“She is my younger sister; I am very devastated about her health condition. I want government and other people that like good thing to come to our aid. This condition has devastated and disorganized the whole family.

Initially, when she told us that she is feeling somehow and that was when she was pregnant, we thought that it is one of those things that accompany pregnancy. It was after she put to bed and visited me with her baby that she told me that the way she was feeling as at then that she was not comfortable. I told her to let’s wait because of it something that can easily go. But as the day goes by, the thing kept on increasing and that was when we knew that the thing is not as we thought and we started moving her to everywhere that we know we can take her to.

To our greatest dismay, the more we seek medical attention, the more the thing grows like a wildfire, out of control and that is where we are now. Before now, she hardly talks. She eats, she vomits. In fact, we are happy now that if you visit her now, she can discuss it with you, she can recognize you. The major problem is just that legs.

She is a sister very dear to us. In all my relatives outside my uncle, Hon. Daniel Ogbuzuru Ali, she is the next person because since our father died, it has only been me and her taking care of our mother and other of our siblings. Now she is in this condition, that means it is only me and me alone.

Nursing Mother

Hon. Daniel Ogbuzuru Ali, while corroborating with others said, “This woman is my niece, the mother is my elder sister. In this condition, my mind cannot tell what exactly it is because her situation is better experienced than being told.  We have actually taken her to various places where we are looking for a solution but to no avail. Sometime, it will look as if it is improving. After a while, it will worsen. Now, you can see her on the sickbed, see her condition. I have never seen somebody’s legs in this condition. It is something that is very heavy for me to talk about. In fact, I and every other family member are in a confused state because we can’t describe what is happening to her.

My appeal to everybody is for a solution that will lead to her recovery back to a healthy condition.  I know too well that His Excellency and Her Excellency and parents of this state and I know how caring they are especially in this type of situation. If there is any way they will get to know about this, they will not hesitate to come to our rescue, in coming to see how she will recover back to her normalcy.

This my niece, lying on the sickbed like this, participated actively during the electioneering campaign. She was the Director of Women Mobilization in the Army barracks where she is living with her husband. She participated actively for Governor Umahi’s re-election and mobilized seriously for him. So, am appealing, if there is any way the government, a public-spirited individual can come to our aid to save her dear life, I will appreciate it and God will bless abundantly, everybody who participated in ensuring that she recovers and comes back to her normalcy.

My niece has a baby and her baby is about five months old but because of this her ill health, the baby was weaned out of breasts in less than three months because she cannot continue breastfeeding the baby in this condition.  If adequate medical attention is given to her, there will be lots of improvement. Right now, the major problem now is these legs; she can’t walk with the legs. The day we brought her to this hospital, we carried her like a baby into the car because she was not walking, she was not sitting down. Myself and my nephew here who is her elder brother just carried her like a baby, we gave her support. She can now sit down well but cannot walk. If she wants to go to the toilet, we must aid her, if she wants to go and urinate, we must assist her and take her to the convenience where she can ease herself.

You can see water and blood gushing out of her legs and the thing is increasing, it is swelling because the swelling was not as big as it is now.

We came to this hospital on the 8th of this month and she was admitted to the emergency unit where she was revived before she was taken to the new medical complex. She is a very humble woman and her humility is next to none. She is an epitome of humility. Like the bible described Esther, she is a good wife. She is a sister to reckon with. In fact, as a man each time I see her in this condition, I cry, I shed a tear.

She is a hustler and she is just about 27 years but I know the impact she has made in her family and our own family.


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