Man Sets House On Fire…To Kill Own Triplets

An indigene of Agbaja Unuhu village in Abakaliki LGA, Mr. Chinedu Okpuru Mgboke recently blessed with triplets was accused of setting his rented house on fire to eliminate the three children over a mild misunderstanding that ensued between him and his wife.

Narrating the incident, a family member who pleaded anonymity told our reporter that the problem ensued as a result of disagreement between the man and his wife, Mrs. Chinyere Okpuru over who should be in charge of the financial assistance given to them by Ebonyi State government.

He told us that on the fateful day, the nursing mother went and withdrew the sum of N20,000 for their upkeep but reaching their house, her husband requested for part of the money and instantly it was given to him.

He disclosed that after some time, the man started fuming and in the process threatened to kill the children as to close their source of assistance and become free from his wife’s alleged embarrassment.

According to our source, as soon as the woman whom he said that did not take the threat serious went out for an errand, the man allegedly grappled a container of kerosene poured it in their house and set it on fire.

He added that as the fire was gradually becoming intense, Mrs. Chinyere then came back and upon discovering her husband’s unpleasant action, she raised alarm and through the help of members of the neighborhood, the fire was quenched and the children rescued unhurt.

Mr. Ikechukwu Nkwegu, the woman’s eldest brother corroborated the information and added that immediately after he noticed such a dastardly act, he ordered the man’s arrest.

He disclosed that his sister and her first five children were experiencing hell orchestrated by hardship before the birth of the triplets through which they encountered fortune courtesy of Governor Umahi

Mr. Nkwegu claimed that following the assistance rendered by Ebonyi State Government through Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development that the woman’s life has been unsafe because of her husband’s incessant threats and thereby appealed that the man should be seriously warned.


The accused person, Mr. Okpuru while in police custody under juvenile Welfare center, police Headquarters Abakaliki was found screaming “I was confused during the act, I was confused during the act”.


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