Benign Confrontation

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Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored and nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. There is an apparent allegory which has become recurrent among the Igbo tribes,  it is about a man who was busy chasing rats while his house was on fire, he feigned of less importance the putting out of fire than eating the rat indeed, he lost both the rat and everything he has ever labored for, a connotation of ignorance and stupidity,

the attitudes of most Igbo men who enjoy the intricate upheavals instead of fighting their problems, oblivious of the truth that we live in a society where we indeed should not belong, and we live in a kingdom where our species are not many and grunted about, our benign efforts has been shriveled, yet not so many people are conscious of the mayhem that we swim in, indifference has been our greatest cankerworm and bottleneck in this nation, where there is a cult of ignorance and strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life

Nigeria as a nation has waned through serial political indents, it has experienced knuckles in history and in both the good and the bad times, all we can do is to take absolute record for only when we know both our past and present do we envisage what our future will look like, in her history is a cardinal observation of two warring tribes, the tribe of Tutsi which are the northerners, power-drunk and politically egotistical and the tribe of the East whose leaders are known for chasing rats while her houses burn.

The Nigerian federation has been enmeshed in contradictions, paradoxes, controversies, and crises. These are subsumed in the national question, and social groups of varying ideological leanings cohere on the central issues. These are linked to national unity, local autonomy, and self-determination, equitable distribution of revenue, rewards, opportunities, and power. They also include the observation and implementation of fundamental human rights, among which are the rights of franchise and empowerment, and socio-economic rights to basic needs’ satisfaction, sustainable environment, and life.

In the early period of the 1900s when the British entered into the enclave of Nigerian protectorates, there was aye confusion on how to rule over this large landmass with cultural diversity and inherent religious dichotomy, it was indeed a very nebulous concept to think about compared to its virtual administration, several approaches were taken, while taking into cognizance the near impossibility of that without a high consideration of what will be called charitable or bonus to the northern monarchs, in a bid to satisfy this demands,

there was an obvious display of more acceptance for the religious and cultural practices in the north than in the east; while the south was to face the stringent effects of the British received laws and criminal laws, the north were left to spar subtly with the Maliki law, penal code and other Islamic laws, the northern monarchs were at the affront of internal decision making to guard what relates to the north while the south in their literacy was made subject to whatever was the decree and edicts of the British government,

they were not highly recognized as the northern government, their involvement was no different than seeking the consent of a chicken to have its neck severed, that was the fate of the south until the most nauseating decision of 1914, where unity in diversity was forced on the protectorate of south and north, what is to be seen by me as a historical traduce and a poignant malign, that was the advent and nascent of the more overt marginalization of the southern protectorates (Igbo nation) to be precise.

The nascence of this marginalization was what prompted the First coup in Nigeria led by Major General Kaduna Chukwuma Nzeogwu which brought to power Gen Aguiyi Ironsi in January 15, 1966, he pronounced unitary system of government on Nigeria and tried to protect the interest of the Southern nation which has long experienced escapades, such obvious display of preference cut short the reign of the Ironsi government and thus brought to a premature death of his six months rule,

it was termed an Igbo coup and that was the beginning of blood swim to clinch the position, it is in the record that only the north and the south produced military generals with the long 26 years of military dictatorship, no western man had ever gathered the nerves and temerity to be the military general of Nigeria. Indeed such blistering struggle and tussle for power received its historical baptism in the latter days of June 1967-1970 when GEN, Ojukwu declared a civil war, a war which lasted for thirty months with women and children thrown to heedless runs and slaughtered like chickens, hunger became  a war tool and chivalry pronounced on the southern citizens who fought for pride, dignity, valor, food and their future, ever since the Nigerian civil war,

the history of Nigeria became out-turned with the world in total detest of such debilitating and horrendous treatment meted on its citizenry by the country, no Igbo man has been recognized with a veritable position in governance and all they can be made are political sycophants and masseurs of evil to suppress violence while the north continue to murder the easterners and marginalize them to death and irreplaceable losses. Indeed since the civil war, The Easterners have never been given a fair treatment in the area of governance neither have they been given a lucrative opportunity to lift their brothers to heights were their future can be above malign without having to play Tutsi.

We have been strained by nepotism and all that is left within the tendrils of our democracy is flambéing pain and ‘resistance politics’ has become the order of the day, they has been events which has travailed over the late periods of the past which shows particularly that the south has been fazed off from recognition in the political setting of Nigeria and they include lack of creation of jobs for the masses and poor allocation of resources within the locale, inequitable appointment in governmental positions and empowerment of youths et al, we indeed live in time where the only goodies left in the kiosk for the purchase of those inhabiting Eastern Nigeria is marginalization and hatred.

In all these aberrant and uncanny treatment what embitters the heart most is the perfunctory attitudes of those who should be instead sharpening their arrows and leathering their horses to fight for their rights, from the past many Igbos has shown that they can stand out from the teeming masses of hoi-polloi when they can find a more spicy bread for doing so, thus betraying their brothers and that supports the capsulation that why most Igbos complain of marginalization is because they have not started to enjoy the rudiments of government, Most Igbos has heeded to the heedless ideology of secession instead of fighting for the betterment of the region.

They believe that Biafra is the simple solution to the scrapping pain that inhibits the Igbo race thus has paid no heed to electioneering issues, many do not come out of their places of comfort because they believe that there is no need to involve in election matters in what they term a zoo country and others has had a conclusion that there is no need voting when the supposed winner already knows himself and the election is just a mere formality. The most painful of it all is that the Igbo has no mouthpiece anymore, our politicians are only interested in feeding fat and securing money and investments for their children, they have  forgotten the masses who vested so much trust in them and has given them the mandate to represent them in all affairs that concerns them, what they offer is underemployment and all they think about is how to raise boys for the next election, these problems are what Nigeria has been saddled in.


astern kalatawas in their approach for defense as it does not ameliorate the situation at all, the writer would wish to lay light on the fact that secession is not the most important solution though promptly, all minds whisper for self-determination and secession. It is in this regards that I would wish to note that the best solution is to stand for our beliefs and entitlements, it is time to get our leaders answerable for the mayhem that they have caused and for the incompetence that their hands have been soaked with, we must involve them in a literarily nonviolent manner to charge them to speak and act for those they stand to represent in this republican state and they must make proper use of allowances which are paroled for the development of the area for which they are to represent, they should be made to feel the consciousness of the represented masses and make bargains to protect their various interests less the mammoth crowd takes jungle justice.

The youths have an important role to play with the political situation of the country, they should be optimistic in themselves other than being perfunctory in seeking solutions to the mishaps in the country, they should reject thuggery at all cost, they should be more focused in their long-run dreams other than being used for election magic and malpractices,  reject being given little peanuts to rig elections but instead insist on providing politicians who has the general interest of the people at heart and who will render himself answerable to the people to curb the inherent political quagmire which has become a daily issue within the eastern part of Nigeria.

Indeed the struggle will continually be fizzled out unless we adopt a pattern and set possible objectives, Martin Luther-King states that if you want to achieve a result, get a mentor, copy his style and you will achieve his result or even better. I refer those in the affront of the movement for self-determination to have a look on the move of Catalonia in Spain, those who are supposed to be at the priory are those who have proximately enjoyed from the  ill situation of the country, the masses must take charge and reject being made myopic during elections, their leaders should be made to involve more actively in either the struggle for self-determination or struggle for recognition, there should be absolute sensitization of the throng on the need for political consciousness and activism, but until stringent measures are taken, all efforts are yet futile and only a benign confrontation.

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