St. Peter’s Secondary School Amana Graduates her 2019 set

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St. Peter’s Secondary School Amana Onueke was in a happy and boisterous mood Saturday, the 27th of October, 2019 when her final year students celebrated their graduation ceremony.

To open the event which started around 3 pm; the principal of the rising school, Rev. Fr. Matthew Isukpa congratulated the graduating students and admonished them to be of good character as they go into the world.

He also admonished them not to lose sight of their books and reading generally which will go a long way in keeping them abreast of what is going on in the society in which they find themselves.

To make the graduation more grandiose, Fr. Isukpa invited an inspirational/motivational speaker who gave words of motivations to both the graduating students and their well wishers who came to grace the memorable occasion.

The speaker whose name is Mr. Hills reminded the students that a reader is a leader. So if they aspire to be great in life, they should all endeavour to be voracious readers, pointing out that he who does not read is not better than he who cannot read.

Mr. Hills warned the students to desist from three things if they want to succeed in life. Those 3 things are laziness, greed and pride. He said that these 3 elements are capable of destroying any fellow.

No lazy person can succeed in life pointing out that as Socrates said; for anybody to move the world, he must first move himself. He further reminded them that God helps those who have made steps to do something in life and not a sleepy person.

On greed, he reminded the cheering students that a greedy person is an enemy not only to himself but to the society. He cited example with good leadership in Ebonyi State who used the allocation (to Ebonyi State) to transform the state into a mega state. A greedy person Mr. Hills pointed out, always tends to grab everything and in the process end up impoverishing the people.

On pride; Mr. Hills warned the people that pride is hated even by God who promised to lower the proud-hearted and exalt the lowly. He seriously reprimanded them that pride kills the proud.

Mr. Hills added another thing which is bad characters. This time around, he specifically warned the girls to try and have good character, pointing out that even if they are beautiful but with bad character, they will find it hard to get married. Even when they get married, their bad character soon drives them out of the marriage, noting that it leads to broken marriage, which is so prevalent these days.

Various issues like giving prizes to the best behaved students, the SP boys and SP girls etc. There were dancing and singing. There was also a football match between the graduating students and the school team in which the school team defeated the out-going students 2-0. Quite a memorable occasion, you would say.


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