If You Were To Do It All Over Again; Would You Still Be A Nigerian? (1)

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If you were to come back to the planet earth, would you choose Nigeria? The intelligent one would ask, Nigeria then or now? Whatever! Given the same situation, circumstances and constant variables then and now, would you still choose Nigeria? Would you still prefer Nigeria to any other country? Would your choice remain Nigeria and Nigeria alone as your final destination and country of birth? Uhmmm…

 If yes, may I also add, are you saying that because Nigeria is able to tolerate and accommodate your excesses, weaknesses, laziness, lackadaisical attitude, negligence and etc. Perhaps, and mind you, if Nigeria had the option to voice out and talk, do you think Nigeria would be comfortable and happy to have you back? If Nigeria had a choice, would Nigeria sincerely consider you to be a citizen? How good, faithful, sincere, honest and patriotic are you to Nigeria? Do you receive more than you give to Nigeria? Is yours a matter of contribution, exploitation, exploration or sharing the entity called Nigeria? Do you think Nigeria deserve unpatriotic, damaging, corrupt, destructive, tax evaders, un-productive, exploiters, corrupt and criminal elements like you? Do you think Nigeria would have on her list; wasters, destroyers, violent, un-peaceful, religious fanatic, intolerant, unaccommodating, self-serving, and lazybones who fail to add, explore and exploit her human and natural resources?

And if ‘No’ is your response – it means you wouldn’t want to come back to Nigeria. Uhmmm. Okay, is it because you were trapped by Nigeria and you were not able to manipulate, maneuver and capitalized on the Nigeria system to your advantage? i.e. Is it because the Nigeria system outsmarted and arm-twisted you? Is it because Nigeria wounded you? Is it because Nigeria didn’t reward your labor, dignity, faithfulness, honesty, patriotism and hard work? Do you think the Nigeria system had been so unjust, unfair and unrewarding to you compared to what you put in? Do you think you really deserve more which the Nigeria system denied you?


Parents and Children

Parents, if you had the opportunity to do it over again, would you still want to choose your children? Would you still prefer to have some children with the same mental capacity? Or would you rather want the brilliant, influential, specially endowed, talented and gifted? Do you have ideal children you would have preferred and wanted? But the question is, will the children prefer you to be their parents?  Would they really be proud to have you again as their parents or preferred a better father or mother somewhere else? Do they also have a mental and ideal parent in their minds which you are not? Would your children be able to say, you tried? Would they be able to say, we wouldn’t have had a better father or mother? Were they not seeing you as irresponsible, insensitive, unresponsive? Do you actually and sincerely command their respect without any form of duress, intimidation, manipulation, and threats?

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