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The persistent wage increase agitation by Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) with Federal Ministry of Labour and productivity finally, received the consideration and approval of Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari, who assented to the agreed figure on the 18th April, 2019, thereby raising the present minimum wage of 18,000 to 30,000 naira monthly. The percentage markup of N18,000 is 66.67% approximately. Simply put increase 18,000 by 2/3. Add 18,000 to 12,000 to arrive at N30,000 monthly.

Further detailed engaged discussion between a labour union and Federal Government settled for effects on every other salary grade level in respect of Federal Staff through consequential salary Adjustments, pause before we misconstrue minimum figure of 30,000 to be 30%.

Ordinarily, taking the effect of the astronomical high cost of living presently, the range would have fallen between highest: Raise minimum first grade by 2/3 agreed and lowest: raise highest 17GL by 3/10 then spread the fractions or percentages (66.67% to 30% limits).

At the Wednesday 23rd October, 2019 Federal Executive Council approval the financial implication was with effect from 18th April this year and deadline of 31st December, 2019 for implementation. NYSC serving members, monthly allowances/stipend now becomes N30,000 each.

The adjusted table helps every Federal Staff know additional fund depending on steps.

Salary Grade level 1 of 18,000 increased by 66.67% give N30,000.

Levels 2 to 6 increase present figure by percentages to arrive at pegged 30,000

7  increase present figure by 23%

8  increase present figure by 20%

9  increase present figure by 19%

10-14 increase present figure by 16%

15-17 increase present figure by 14%

The outcome of the subsequent meeting the Federal Government held with State Governors allowed various states to analyze and adopt incremental based on capacity since they do not have equal financial strengths. Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has released templates for state Governments perhaps in their respective states would decide to figures slightly below for their workers. States are right, but even with the increment basic domestic need of any civil servant cannot be met up to half. Civil Service is the engine house of every government as they fall within the first line charge. Not sacrificial lamb.

Productivity is vital in all these because work revolves around service given in a space of time for earning. Most times weight of value earned is not justified by tediousness but a significant environment. In exhaustive labor specifications makes its vastness overflow single sentence definition. Service is a reflection of relevant knowledge provided it avers human progress. Output depends on degrees of talent, skill endowment and passion injected. Not being punctual and staying idle to close of work.

Studies have discovered that most people in a circle driven with zeal, while still serving look outside the box without interference, engage the service of others, exchange ideas. There is always a miniature system of reciprocity at work. Employment is presently understood beyond the conventional concept of stable good number of years. It rather depends on payment/reward received after the agreed job has been accomplished satisfactorily, even if delivered within ten minutes, weeks, months etc Mere word expression to solve problems attracts income.

A wave of economic situations pilots cost of commodities, foodstuff and several others in the market. Not a factor of round table negotiations. Artisans’ skilled and other self-employed entrepreneurs and enterprise, in-service/industry/ merchandise, enjoy the same freedom.

It is on record of many people who have successfully passed through series of educational training skill acquisition, professions, apprenticeship, trading, and broad-based intellectuals, specialized in various fields, but have not made a breakthrough, one individual boasting of five skills through perseverance will continue. The misinformation of fault on political appointments, elective and several other commitments in government, guarantee safe haven to make savings hoped to plow the capital into investment in future business of interest is unfortunate and worrisome.

Once the drive is there no other viable option available is more preferable to the privileged. Experience gained in government service becomes a challenging stimulus for adequate equipment. We have watched the swing and believably discover, those who keep the economy alive/afloat magnificently constitute negligible numbers in the neighborhood of ten percent in almost every environment. Not every enterprise is assigned to huge success.

The world is in a phenomenon of the spectrum such that everyone is scrambling for space eg. The sick, the needy/those in severe trouble, physically/mentally challenged beggars, those who depend on scanty/lean earning after work, both those sacked retrenched in place of work and the unemployed average income earners and the few privileged on the peak step of ladder, the jumbo income earners and their dependents. Then there is an ugly segment who live fat by inflicting suffering and hardship on fellow others through exploitation and oppression non-stop.

The economic sabotage, who price daily paid artisans lower than known conventions, even refuse to pay after work embezzle public fund, divert taxpayers money meant for specific projects, into their personal coffers. Fraudsters money multipliers (no more doublers), kidnappers, killers, armed robbers, thieves rustlers, etc as their own work or means of living indulge in violence, stirred air terrorism, pricing down contract projects, below expectations to deliver shoddy work. Cheating in different dimensions, thereby running the economy down and discourage integrity

Two major frames of employers, engage employees based on yardsticks. The organizations involved in manufacturing, processing, and trading on commodities are very conscious of profits realized, effect reflects one workforce or downsize. Wage increase or bonuses offered as incentives and motivation geared for optimum productivity. Profit decline or total loss, as factors of demand and supply, bring about downsize reorganization or closure so that already existing work suffers heavily.

Next is those employees on non-profit making establishments where services of various kinds are rendered. Government falls into this category, Non-Government Organisation (NGOs) philanthropic/caregivers, humanitarian agencies religious bodies, etc receive moderate wages not as handsome as the previous. It does not water down the importance of workers’ services or energy expended on non-profit making over the profit-making establishment, if even more hazardous than others.

The labor market is in combat. Essential services, indispensable as they seem are poorly remunerated because they fall in the category of menial jobs. Security at Gate of houses/buildings Guard, Gardener, cleaners, domestic helpers, messengers, a salesperson at small scale outings, filling stations, drivers, etc accelerate the productivity of great scholars, character molders, bureaucracy, politicians, judiciary, business, and talented Business mogul.

This auxiliary assistance unhindered the modern trend of technology targeted to focus attention on skill-oriented economics to open the door of hope always. Displayed work of some various artisans in metal works designs, doors, windows, beds gates, furniture, bridges, etc in woodwork doors, frames, furniture, chairs, upholstery, decorations etc. Masons, builders-houses, offices, buildings, bridges roads, concrete poles, rings, veranda’s, tiling, plumbing etc in textiles dress tiling of different fashions and cultures with fittings to reflect relevant occasions/events. Electricity, house/building wirings, in footwear shoes, sandals, boots. Interior and exterior decorations, fashion designers to mention but few. You wonder at such gifts and ingenuity.

The endless list of occupations comprising determination and hard work, innovative and paying packages is powered by the desire to ignite success and growth in the atmosphere propelled by the frequency of forces of buying and selling. Poor sales and demand frustrate growth and motivation for expansion. People eagerly put in extra hours to boost productivity and further stretch to shifts in workplaces to attain goals. Use of mechanized modern method, equipment/machinery, and innovative know-how multiplies economy of scale-output tremendously and open space for a guaranteed encouraging number of persons for employment.

In a nutshell encouragement of investors to open up viable factories and industries for manufacturing and processing of goods relevant to ready demand and supply devoid of charity will promote employment. Long term training and refresher courses and seminars for those doing well in business for expansion will also reduce unemployment. Enabling the environment is a factor expected of the government to create. Business does not hinge on sentiment and intrigues. No business strives where the propensity to gain huge output is not bright.

Attention to human capital through pragmatic education does not have an alternative.

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