Bonque Begins Eternal Journey…Committed To Mother Earth

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The remains of the former cook of the Catholic Bishop of Abakaliki Diocese, Mr. Boniface Nwankwo Ewa (aka Banque) was on Thursday 7th November 2019 buried in his country home, Amana Onueke, in Ezza South LGA in Ebonyi State.

Bishop Michael N. Okoro in his remark at the beginning of the burial mass he officiated said that the testimonies of people about the deceased clearly showed that he lived a Godly life before he was taken by his maker.

Bishop Okoro said, “God who created late Boniface had taken him and going by people’s account about him, he was a Christian to the core and philanthropist who had affected many lives positively.”

He disclosed that based on the resurrection which was promised by Christ, even though humans are weak, on the last day, strength would be provided for all who led Godly lives to be alive again.

He further prayed God that all shortcomings of Mr. Boniface when he was alive should be forgiven and grant his soul eternal rest.

Mr. Boniface Nwankwo Ewa (aka Banque)

According to Bishop Okoro, the day’s event should serve as source of encouragement for all and sundry to remain steadfast in the Lord so that as the deceased is been honoured, on each person’s appointed time, he or she would be honored too.

The homilist, Fr. Matthew Isukpa, the parish priest of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Amana Onueke said that when a true Christian who had been baptized and found in the state of grace dies, what is expected of the living ones is to pray for that person’s soul to rest in the Lord because he is being considered qualified.

According to him, “In the case of Late Boniface, he received sacrament of baptism, confirmation, holy matrimony, lived in the church, worked in the church, died in the Lord and above all he was buried and honoured by the church members who had bid him farewell to where he would join the Master in heaven to receive the crown of his glory.”

In his illustration, he stated that the lifeless body of an animal seems to be more useful than that of a human because once animal is being killed, the body could be consumed by its fellow animal but in the case of human beings who are not carnivorous in nature, no one would eat his or her fellow human after killing the person.

He advised that on no account should someone plan for his or her fellow human being’s death.

He said, “Whether alive or dead, you are for others, when one is alive, the person is not just living for him or herself but also for good of other persons.”

Rosemary Onyekachi Ewa and Mr. Michael Tobechukwu Ewa, the deceased daughter and son respectively described their dad as an honest man, an act through which he served the Catholic community, Abakaliki Diocese diligently and transparently till death.

They thanked all the Catholic faithful for the support given to them at this moment of grief.

Mr. Emmanuel Chinedu Ewa, the deceased nephew expounded to Citizens’ Advocate the generosity of the deceased.

He said he was a beneficiary of his goodness, pointing out that he was picked from when he was a toddler and trained till this date by the deceased when he (Emmanuel) lost his biological father then.

He prayed to God to grant his uncle eternal rest and pardon him in any area he might have erred while on earth.


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