If You Were To Do It All Over Again; Would You Still Be A Nigerian? (2) Couples

If you had the opportunity to come back to the planet earth, would you still choose your spouse? Yes? Is it because you were the one in charge, making it happen for the family or because you were the lazy bone, the independent or the dependant? Is it because you were the one doling out the cash, dictating the pace, calling the shots? If otherwise, would you still be able to remain faithful, humble, supportive and submissive to your partner and not capitalize on him or her?


If you had the opportunity to come back the planet earth, would you still like who you are, as to come as same you? Would you still say, I want to be who I am, what I am, and retain these personality traits? You still want the same traits, temperament, physic, appearance, attitude and etc. Or would you rather want to be more pressing, more aggressive, more daring, calmer, more coordinated and more ambitious. Would you not want to be more unfriendly or friendly? Won’t you want to be more sociable, influential, professional, and relational with better interpersonal skills and competence? Would you still choose to be you? Won’t you rather want to be more beautiful, handsome, inviting, brainy, influential, and full of affluence, richer, prosperous, and luckier? Would you still want those wasted efforts and efforts in futility?


If you had the privilege and the opportunity to do it all over again, would you still want the experience you had all over again? Given all variables to remain the same – do you think you would still prefer to go through all you went through in life again? Do you think you would be lucky to have things in your favor and advantage? Do you think all will be well? Would you still want to pass through the same rigor, difficulties, stress, or you would want it favourable, more conducive and less strenuous than you had it now? Would you still want to have those losses, regrets, disappointment, wounds, sore, scare, or luxuries and pleasant experiences?

Finally, whatever the side of the divide you belong, whether you’re in the affirmative or not – whether it is a yes or no, the choice is yours and you are always right, to avoid unnecessary arguments. But the fact remains that you don’t even have another life apart from this one. Whether you claim to still prefer to have your spouse, children, experiences and/or Nigeria, or not; whether you still want or not the pleasure, luxury, association, fellowship, affiliation, relationship or whatever, whatever you choose to say or believe, you are right to your conscience. But the bitter truth is – you don’t even have another life.

But the good news is that, that imagination; you can demystify, domesticate and bring it to reality now in your life. If you want an improvement, development, amendment, modification and a better life you can make it a reality in your lifetime and in Nigeria now and not later. Whatever you want, you can do it now or never. Now is the time.


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