Communities Embrace Use of Treated Mosquito Nets…Thank Authorities for War against Malaria

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The use of treated mosquito nets has now been embraced massively by the communities in Igbo-omo, comprising Umuhuali, Amaezu, Obeagu and Nkalaha in Ishielu LGA of Ebonyi State.

The distribution exercise which kicked off on the 9th of November 2019 saw large turnout of rural dwellers with their cards to collect the nets free of charge.

At the Health Centre Umuhuali, the official in charge, Mrs. Magdalene Elechi advised the recipients to make good use of the free nets to serve the purpose it was meant.

She said that Ebonyi State was the only state in South East to receive grace of the nets and enjoined the recipients to avoid spreading it in the rice farm or in the poultry farm but in their bedrooms to curb the incessant malaria attacks on the citizenry.

She also told the reporter that against some insinuations of sales of the net, she said the nets were not meant for sale and urged the mothers to report to her office any health official who turns the sharing of the net into money making venture.

In appreciation, some of the recipients like Mrs. Theresa Nwafor, Anastasia Omoha, Ngozi Anyigor among others, thanked the USAID for bearing Ebonyi State in mind in their malaria eradication in the world. The women who were full of joy assured that that they would abide by the rules of the game to ensure safety and elongation of the span of the materials.

The women also thanked Mrs. Magdalene Elechi for her loyalty, and good service to humanity especially about health issues in the area.

Also, the reporter visited some centers at Ameta, Over-Rail Nigercem and Ishielu Amaezu and confirmed people came out in great numbers and were orderly throughout the period to received the ‘wind fall’ nets.

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