Father of Six Commits Suicide At Amutu Village

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It was a moment of grief and absolute confusion at Amachi Amutu Odida in Amutu village following the sudden death of a 50-year-old man and father of six children, Mr. Okorie Njoku who allegedly hanged himself on Sunday afternoon, 10th November 2019 in Onicha Igboeze, Onicha LGA.

A family member, Mr. Eze Eugene told our reporter who visited the area that the deceased action was suspected to be as a result of his inability to produce a male child in spite of the polygamous nature of his family.

He disclosed that late Mr. Njoku’s problem believed to be associated with anxiety and hostility started 16 years ago immediately after the birth of his sixth daughter who was the only child of his second wife, he felt that his hope towards producing a male offspring who would replace him in future had gone.

Mr. Eugene further said that since then, the deceased family never experienced peace until their incessant quarrel became advanced that he does not share anything with his family members, not even to greet them.

He also added that late Njoku’s family dispute had in several occasions drew the attention of the entire Amutu women whom in their effort mediated but all efforts made to settle the matters amicably proved abortive since all the parties involved were adamant.

No positive result was achieved until that fateful afternoon of November 10th, 2019 when he decided to give in to depression and he allegedly hung himself inside his house.

He disclosed that prior to the incident; the man did not display any attitude capable of giving someone an inkling of his evil intention until after the act when his lifeless body was found dangling on the rafter of his house.

Mr. Eze said, “Almost everyone had gone to church when one of his grand children barged into the house and discovered the incident; she then called her grandmother who upon sighting the man’s body raised alarm.”

Mrs. Mgborie Nwamgborie, a resident of the area claimed that the unpleasant attitude of the two women, their children and grand children unconsciously contributed to the reasons which made the man to commit suicide.

“These people’s quarrel was so serious that nobody in their home was greeting the man, let alone caring for him in other areas, they were living as total strangers until Mr. Njoku decided to distance himself in such an obnoxious manner” she said.

A commercial motorcycle operator whose name was not given told our reporter that he had in the time past brought the man home from Amasiri in Afikpo North LGA where he (Njoku) went in search of greener pasture through menial job but to his surprise upon their arrival, the deceased was not welcomed by anybody irrespective of the great number of persons in his compound.

He told us that before the incident, the deceased had earlier rejected his younger brother’s kindness, Mr. Imo Nwede Njoku who suggested taking him for medical treatment after seeing the man’s emaciating health condition.

“When late Njoku’s brother wanted to care for him medically, he stoutly refused and began to shout at people saying that he had made up his mind to die, thus, no one is to disturb him” he narrated.

Another resident who pleaded anonymity alleged that the cause of late Njoku’s death could not be separated from some of his children’s act of waywardness as three among them had given birth out of wedlock thereby compounding their family situation.

“Worry and maltreatment from other family members contributed to the man’s death because before the incident, his wives were good at engaging the man in verbal wars, now that he had gone, perhaps, they will transfer the quarrel to his grave,” he said.

Another aged man and stakeholder of the village who requested anonymity said that since creation, such omen had not been heard of his people and as a result frowned at the deceased action that he said failed to confide in someone else over his predicament and meanwhile condemned the alleged ill treatment of the bereaved persons towards their late father.

Citizens’ Advocate gathered that after interrogating the bereaved family and other findings carried out by security personnel who were invited from Isu Police Division over the matter, late Njoku was buried around 10:00pm in accordance with the people’s tradition stating that corpse of anyone who commits suicide will not be kept beyond that same day while befitting burial will be denied of the victim.

Also observed was the moody nature of the bereaved wives, Mrs. Nweke Okorie Njoku and Mrs. Ogbonneya Njoku together with their children and other family members after the incident.

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