419 Accused Begs To ‘Settle’ in Court

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Chief Executive Officer of a purported international company with the name ‘Genuine Deal Global Support’, Mrs. Ogochukwu Obasanya popularly known as Princess Oduora accused of defrauding some residents of Abakaliki their money, on Friday 8th November, 2019, pleaded to be spared arraignment so that she gives back the money to her victims and settle the matter out of court.

The accused person, Mrs. Obasanya, her husband, Mr. Francis Oko Egwu and daughter, Miss Ruth Egwu were led by security men from Anti kidnapping Section of Nigeria Police Force, Ebonyi State Command to Magistrate Court 3 in Abakaliki Magisterial District.

Having heard that they would be slammed with 37 count charges bothering on collecting under false presence the sum of N11,200,000 from unsuspecting members of public thereby requested to be shown mercy by the presiding magistrate, Mrs. Ruth……..while assuring to refund the money.

The principal accused person, Mrs. Obasanya while making the plea told court that the company was duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission which as well has branches in some states in Nigeria and overseas was brought to Abakaliki so that its residents would benefit from the firm but unfortunately, her plan was bastardized by one Mr. Ikechukwu Achi who allegedly went against the company rules by collecting money arbitrarily from her members.

Mrs. Obasanya said, “This is an Agro based networking company with the objective of making people self-reliant, once a registered member introduces 6 persons following the system, he/she will be qualified to enter into stage 2 where the person will be provided with an electronic gadget and a chance of travelling to Songhai for training on Agricultural activities” she explained.

She also claimed that when the first 50 electrical appliances were brought by the company with the names of the qualified people that she handed the assets over to Mr. Ikechukwu for disbursement but to her disappointment, the man shared the goods among his relatives and friends at the expense of the right persons.

The woman believed to be Canada based business mogul further said that before the problem, she had already warned Mr. Ikechukwu to desist from collecting money in cash rather all payments should be committed direct to the company’s bank account but still he didn’t heed to the instruction given to him.

She added that after she had noticed the man’s inexperience coupled with his inability to follow the company’s procedures, she sacked him.

According to the accused person, her woe was caused by the former staff, Mr. Ikechukwu whom she said was not happy over the disengagement and as a result started circulating wrong information concerning the system by condemning the firm and as well telling people that she was about to run with their money.

She said that consequent upon the false information given, that the members ordered for her arrest even when she never incubated such idea in her mind and meanwhile appealed that she should be given the comprehensive list of people who paid to Mr. Ikechukwu to enable her begin to balance them.

Citizens’ Advocate recall that the woman whose office is located at 43 Hill Top Road was recently arrested by group of persons who accused her of swindling their N56,000 each with the promise of giving them, one of the followings: 54 inches plasma television, big generator, deep freezer or 50% interest rate of the money that they paid individually after two weeks interval.

Mr. Ikechukwu in his reaction, said that the business revolved around the woman’s family as her husband, Mr. Francis and daughter were cashiers and treasurers and at the same time claimed that Mrs. Obasanya lied against him in many ways.

We gathered that following the request and outcry of the victims who prefer collecting their money back to keeping the woman in Awaiting Trial, the magistrate, His Worship, Ruth Edenwali Okey, directed that the accused person should be given a stringent bail condition so that the people would be settled.

“It won’t be fair for the woman to be remanded or jailed while she squander the money, it won’t bring justice to this matter, the only justice required is for the money to be refunded”, the Magistrate said.

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