Let’s Talk-The Way You Are Dressed (1)

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Could it be true that the way you are dressed matters? Can you role play by dressing like someone and not be that person? Can you role play by dressing like a particular character and not be mistaken for someone that has that character?

I’ve heard it since I was much more younger that the way you are dressed matters a lot, even though my father never mind our dressing, he neither thought us how to dress fashionably, nor my mother cared to teach us how to dress corporately, but we were taught to dress like a child of God, never exposing your body, never sagging your trouser, buttoning up your shirt till it remains only one button up, never to wear torn clothes outside the house.

Once I heard my father said the way you are dressed is the way you’ll be addressed. I believed him but I never understood what he meant by that until I went to school, and the school management came up with dress code, to check indecent dressing among the students.

Let’s talk about the way you are dressed. Is the way you are dressed the way you will be addressed? Or you can dress the way you want to be addressed.

My experience last Sunday is a perfect example to portray the saying that the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed.

Barely 3 weeks, after the youths had their youth meeting in church on Wednesday evening by 7pm, there were some burglars who had no fear of God left in them came to our church to steal God’s properties.

They broke the glass window, cut the burglaries and entered the church to perpetrate their evil act, barely an hour after the youths were done with their rehearsals. The burglars took our 24 inches television that serves as monitor for projecting scriptures to the pastor on the pulpit, took our camera, and arranged the other televisions that serve as monitors and the expensive keyboard.

In the process of their packing and ransacking the church, someone took notice of the movements within the church and called a church member’s (who lives opposite the church) attention to it, before he could open the church door, the burglars had left, carting away the 24 inches tv and the camera, leaving others behind.

In the light of that, every member is on the high alert, being security conscious of members of the congregation to detect any suspicious movement or activities or to take note of anyone who is suspected to be surveying and whose face is not familiar, this is to avoid reoccurrence

Fast forward to last Sunday, I wasn’t sure whether the guy was a first timer, but his look was a bit scary, his hair was overgrown with some knots on it, his beard was bushy like a newly converted Boko haram member whose beard is yet to be full, he wore one tattered round neck with a black trouser and a slippers, his eyes was red, just like someone who just finished smoking Indian hemp.

While I was trying to round up my business with some people so that I could go home, our assistant pastor beckoned to me to come and sit down to join the group of 3 which includes him, a brother and a policewoman.

I sat down and I heard their arguments, the boy said he had been sick, that’s why he had no chance to shave his beard and hair, then I heard the assistant pastor told him to always dress corporate anywhere he is or on such occasion like a Sunday service like that.

I was called to go with the other brother to go to the place he claimed to be living and also to confirm his identity, to know whether he is a corps member as he claimed he is, but the boy was afraid and his voice started shaking and he was almost stammering just like someone caught in the act.

The moment I was called to join them, I was told to follow him home, his fear increased and he was almost crying, I saw tears building up in his eyes and he was sounding so innocent, I believe he is just a victim of ‘being addressed the way he was dressed’

They were being careful in handling his matter because the guy was already angry and saying that they are calling him an armed robber, he was at the verge of crying when the assistant pastor told me not to bother and started pleading with him that he wasn’t calling him an armed robber, the 3 of us left, leaving him with the assistant pastor to discuss.

After a few minutes, I saw the assistant pastor holding his hand to pray with him to reassure him that he wasn’t being accused of anything.

The way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed, when I was a serving corps member, my friend also a corps member went to a secondary school for an enquiry. On getting there, the principal who is almost as old as his father greeted him good day sir and all the principal’s expression was filled with ‘sir’, he told me he was almost ashamed answering the man, but he felt elated.

How was he dressed, he wore a nicely ironed shirt with a nicely iron black trouser and a perfect shoe to-match it, he knotted a tie on it. I was encouraged and I decided to always dress well so that I can be respected.

The way you dress is the way you will be addressed, next week we’ll discuss why you should dress well, benefits and disadvantages of not dressing well.

You can send in your questions and contributions or share your personal experience on ‘the way you dress’.

To be continued…

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