Tales Corner–Ungratefulness

Thank you is one of the five magic words. The others are; please, excuse me, sorry, and pardon me. This is just a reminder in case if you have forgotten how to say thank you whenever you receive something from others, or how to use the rest of the magic words.

However, my focus on this article will be on gratefulness, saying ‘thank you’ when necessary (even when it’s not).  People express gratitude when others help or support them either financially, morally or otherwise. That’s not the only time you should be appreciative though. You should say thank you for little things others do for you; like helping you carry your bag at the market, giving you a lift, helping you pick up your pen, lending you money at your low moment, calling to check on you from time to time, amongst others. All these may seem little but… you do not know what it cost that person to do any of those things  for you. Even if it did not cost the person anything, you are meant to be appreciative of people.

However, there are still some people who do not use this soothing words. In the following paragraphs, I tried to highlight some of the reasons why some people are ungrateful.

  1. Ignorance: some people don’t know that it’s necesary to be appreciative when they get favours from others. This is because they were not thought that at a little age. Let’s go biblical now. Ephesians 6:12 said you should train up a child in the way he should go so that when he grows up, he will not depart from it. This only means one thing, that whatever a person learns from little, that is what he knows, that is what he understands. However, I’m not trying to encourage people to stick to the ‘negative things’ they learnt as children. Humans are prone to change, we learn and relearn. So as a human, always open your mind to learn new things.
  2. Entitlements: Some people have a ‘stinking’ sense of entitlement. They believe others should do things for them. They believe they deserve every single thing they get from people. This mindset is wrong. No one owes you a thing. I repeat, no one owes you any single thing; be it your mother, father, siblings, friends, amongst others. Though, your parents are meant to provide for your needs, do not feel entitled. Thank them always for their support. If your mother had decided to abort you when you were still a foetus, no one would probably know. You wont even be here. Moreover, some girls dumped their children after giving birth to them. I know fathers who abandoned their children and no one queried them. Others refuse to provide for their wards and are as free as birds walking the streets. So, dear friend, learn to be thankful. No one deserves anything.
  3. Procrastination: This is one thing that is peculiar with almost all of us. I’m guilty of this as well. I owe a lot of people favours because of this. Sometimes, when people do something for us, we want to show ‘a big appreciation’. However, due to procrastination,we end up not showing gratitude at all. This is bad. When people do favours for you, do not wait till eternity to show appreciation. Do not procrastinate. Do not want to make it really ‘big’. With whatever little resources you have, show appreciation at that moment. However, in the future you can further show the appreciation the way you originally intended to.
  4. Pain/suffering: Pains and suffering can sometimes leave one in a really dark place. It beclouds one’s judgement and prevents the person from seeing the good things others are doing to help him/her. When you meet such individuals who are having a rough time, try to understand and help them get through. If on the other hand, you are at the other side of the coin, do not let pains keep you down. Try to show appreciation, a simple ‘thank you’ is enough.
  5. Lack of consideration: This can be annoying sometimes. You go out you way to help someone and him/her don’t seem to appreciate this. Only a few actually value the contributions of other people in their lives. Be ‘the few’.
  6. Superiority complex: I actually laughed at this point but it’s true. Some people feel that they are better than the people who helped them. They feel that saying ‘thank you’ is unbefitting of them. Hey friend, you are not better than anyone. Don’t feel superior, you are not Superman.
  7. Dissatisfaction: Honestly, I find this point funny. How can you be mad at a situation you possibly cannot control? Some people are most times dissatisfied with the outcome of events. Perhaps, it did not go as they planned it (which happens sometimes). They are mad at the situation and are ungrateful to the people who helped them get to that stage. They believe they deserve more. That they deserve better. Like I said before, no one deserves anything.

Benefits Of Being Appreciative

Do you remember the story in the Holy Bible where Jesus Christ healed 10 lepers but only one came to thank him? I bet you do. Jesus was happy that someone at least remembered to say ‘thank you’. The man got an extra benefit for being appreciative, Jesus forgave him his sins. This is what happens when you appreciate people for the little things

Here are the benefits of being appreciative.

  1. Gain more favor: When you appreciate people for the little things they do for you, they will definitely do more for you. They will go out of their way to make sure you get anything you ask of them.
  2. Build better relationship with others: No doubts, being grateful improves your relationship with other people. People love and respect appreciative individuals, be one!

No one has been given awards and plaques for being ungrateful. Ungratefulness gives you a bad name.  It destroys your relationship with others. Why don’t you be grateful and live a worry-free life. Learn to say Thank you, it does not hurt. It does not kill. It does not make you weak. Rather, it makes you stronger. It makes you a better person. Be grateful!

Remember, none of us is leaving here alive!


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