Wisdom today-Wisdom for winning in life (1)

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Wisdom for winning in life…this also translates to wisdom for winning in business, career, ministry, vocation, academics, profession, and in any chosen pursuit or endeavor. Please note, there is no universal formula to winning, particularly in life but certain principles and structures are germane to winning in life, business, career, ministry and profession to mention but few. Please also note, circumstances may be similar but the variables will never be the same. In other words, we may all be facing similar experiences but the peculiarities of our time, season, background, upbringing, potential, resources, temperament, characters, and traits to solving

the problems will never be the same. Hence, what worked for one, might never work for another. Furthermore, we might all have the same goal, target, aim, objective and aspiration, but the winning factors, leverages and opportunities will never be the same per time. Thus, every success and winning conscious individual must identify resources available to win and capitalize, explore and exploit maximally to his or her advantage.

Principally, wisdom for winning in life teaches that one must be ready to fight. I have to be practical here; you must prepare to fight; if you like call it hustle, labour or work. Whatever nomenclature, fight; fight spiritually, mentally, capacity wise and otherwise as necessary. Fight for influence, resources and capacity building. So, the first thing is to define, identify and choose your fights i.e. your focus, dream, pursuit, aspiration, vision and ambition as the case may be. To succeed in life, you have to declare war; war in certain and definite areas of life. Therefore, are you ready to declare war and fight?

  • Be ready to fight for what you belief
  • Be ready to fight for your space
  • Be ready to fight for your dream, pursuit and aspiration
  • Be ready to fight for your vision and ambition
  • Be ready to fight sleep; pleasure, procrastination and laziness
  • Be ready to fight joblessness and unemployment
  • Be ready to fight comfort, complacency and average
  • Be ready to fight mediocrity
  • Be ready to fight extravagance lifestyle
  • Be ready to fight for what’s legitimately and legally yours

It is either you’re wishing, working or fighting to win…because; most likely you’re not going to get it on a platter of gold. No one would negotiate it for you. You’ve got to fight for it. You’ve been defensive enough, be confrontational now, fight…The second thing is to know the weaponry and the arsenal needed to fight and be strategic in its deployment. For instance, as a marriageable single lady, you must know that, all you need to do to overcome many of the insults and assaults associated with your situation is simply to get married. So, you must fight, work out and get married. I speak in Africa, especially Nigeria context. All some need is to overcome unemployment and lack of certificate by going back to school

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