Councilor Takes Custody of Discharged, Stranded Orphan

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The Councillor of Ekka Ward in Ezza North Local Government Area, Mr. Humphrey Nwali has given a discharged and stranded orphan, Master Kosisochukwu Nwuzor, a sense of belonging by taking custody of him.

Kosisochukwu who was the only lucky juvenile in conflict with the law that regained freedom from the remand home during the recent decongestion exercise by the State Chief Judge, Justice Anselem Nwigwe, was faced with the problem of where to stay.

Master Nwuzor is an orphan, rejected by his only uncle, Mr. Monday Ogali, hence the motherly concern of Mrs. Emilia Oputa, Comptroller of Nigeria Correctional Service in the state, as well as her  Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Corrections, Nneka Ayiyase and officials of Ebonyi State Juvenile Remand Home, Ugwuachara to find him a home and mentor.

During an interview with the Councillor, he pledged to sponsor the boy throughout his primary school since he is in primary 5, secondary school and to assist him acquire skills for self reliance depending on how obedient and ready he is to succeed in life.

Mr. Nwali expressed displeasure that at Kosiso’s tender age of 15, death of his parents led him into menial jobs to cater for himself and 4 other younger siblings during which he got into temptation of stealing but pledged to also give him spiritual assistance by leading him closer to God because God is the bedrock of success.

He also disclosed that his local government council boss, Dr. Mrs. Nora Aloh and other stakeholders of the area have all agreed to synergize to ensure proper upbringing of the boy to keep him off the streets.

Speaking with the Comptroller , Mrs. Emila Oputa represented by the Public Relations Officer of the Service, Nneka Ayiyase, about the update, she called on the government, corporation bodies, churches, philanthropists to emulate such kind gestures to raid the society of destitute.

“My Comptroller on knowing the boy’s history and tender age got concerned about where he would stay following his uncle’s negative attitude towards him and his release from the remand home. Sequel to the concern, she got in touch with officials of the remand home who disclosed that on their own, they had for the past three years put resources together to see Kosisochukwu through education at Ugwuachara Primary School. At least to keep him going to school.


“He stayed till this moment there because his uncle was not interested in meeting the bail conditions earlier given by the former Chief Judge, Justice Alloy Nwankwo.

“Fortunately for him the new CJ now released him. Sequel to that, we were asking where he would be going to, hence our contacts with the Chairman of Ezza South, Office of the State First Lady, Ezza North Council Boss and the Councillor who had officially taken custody of him.

“So, by the time Dr. Alo sent the Councillor of Ekka Ward where Kosisochukwu hails from got to my office, we told him our concern on how he could be assisted to have a good life in terms of home, care, love, proper upbringing and training; to ensure the boy does not go back to the streets to become terror to the society that have failed in their responsibilities, to give him sense of belonging and let him know that the society does not hate him.”

“Also In the course of the matter, we found out that Kosisochukwu even have four younger siblings” the Comptroller explained.

As at the time of filing this report, enrollment  processes of Kosisochukwu who was handed over to the Councillor Mr. Humphery Nwali on 15th day of November into school were in top gear.

Recall, Kosisochukwu Nwuzor first son of late Mr. Nwuzor Odah of Onunwachi Umuogali Ekka in Ezza North Local Government Area of the state spent three years at the State Remand home for offence of stealing  following the uncle’s alleged unwillingness to meet his earlier bail conditions.

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