Beggar Girl Drowns In Abakaliki

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Girl, 13, one of the beggars opposite St Theresa Catholic Cathedral, Ozioma Okemini Ekpiri was said to have drowned on Tuesday 19th November 2019 as a result of the flood that took her from Total Filling Station, Ogoja Road and dumped her remains at number 13 Chukwu Street, Abakialiki.

Sister to the victim, Miss Onyebuchi Chukwu Okemini Ekpiri, while narrating the ordeal to Citizen’s Advocate who visited the area, she said that it was around 11:30pm that the ugly situation took place.

She said they went to bed when the rain started falling, the breeze pulled out the zinc and it was when the zinc fell down where they were sleeping that they noticed what was going on.

She said that immediately her mother discovered what happened, she picked some of the younger ones whom she can be able to carry and asked the older ones to join her run for their safety and seek shelter in other place.

She further said that her mother has given birth to 5 children which Ozioma happened to be the first daughter.

She told our reporter that they searched every nooks and crannies and they did not see her, it was on Wednesday morning that they saw her dead body lying at the back of a building near a banana tree.

According to eyewitness whose name pleaded anonymous told our reporter that the incident took place around 11:45 pm on Tuesday night when rain started blowing and it began to pull some sheet of zinc down until one of the zinc fell down to where the mother of the victim and her children were lying and they started running out from the building.

Beggar Girl Drowns

It was at that process that Ozioma fell down in the drainage in front of Total filling stations and was carried away by the rain and the searched everywhere they did not see her. It was this morning that they saw her body lying at the back of the building at No.13 Chukwu Street near a banana tree.

The mother of the victim, Mrs. Janet Chukwuma Okemin Ekpiri said she tried all possible means to save all her children from this ugly situation, but all her effort proved abortive.

Miss Onyebuchi, the younger sister to the victim said police arrested their mother when she was trying to carry the girl’s body.

Mrs. Janet Chukwuma Ekpiri on her side, when interviewed said that the father of the victim has died long time ago and she has delivered five children for the man and she has nothing doing to care for her children, that is the reason why she engaged herself in begging on the street so as to raise her children.

According to the mother, she said, “the incident happened when rain started falling at night and we were trying to run to save our lives, but unfortunately,  Ozioma fell inside drainage  and was carried away by the rain.”

“We searched all nooks and crannies but did not see her, it was on Wednesday morning that we saw her dead body near a banana tree at the back of the building.”

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