Rapist Pastor Arrested In Onicha Igboeze…Suspect Allegedly Compels Victims to Wear His Red Pants

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A suspected serial rapist and branch pastor of Assemblies of God Church, Mr. Liberty N. Idika accused of having carnal knowledge of three girls under dagger threat was apprehended on Monday morning 18th November, 2019 at Amutu Village in Onicha Igboeze Community, Onicha LGA of Ebonyi State.

Our reporter who ran into the tumultuous crowd was told by Mr. Eze Benedict Eze that the man’s alleged sexual molestation was blown open by the most recent three victims: Miss Peace Nwaji, Joy Obasi and Ogbonneya Odoh whom they said had fallen ill shortly after they were forcefully engaged in the act by Pastor Idika.

He further disclosed that the victims were separately deceived by the man who allegedly invited them to his house with the promise of engaging them on vigil to enable them get rid of their spiritual problems.

He said that based on the invitation, the first victim who was not apprehensive of anything humbly attended the purported exercise but unfortunately, she encountered sexual advances from the pastor in the midnight which she resisted but following his determination to carry out the act, she was subdued under the threat of a well sharpened dagger.

Mr. Eze further told us that the deed was suspected to be diabolical as the victim was forced to dress up with red pant provided by the man and instantly they wear it, he asked them to remove the pant and he seizes the pant after having intercourse with them.

Another resident, Mrs. Philomena Okorie told us that the 35 years old pastor and indigene of Ohaffia in Abia State was posted to the area under the ministry, Assemblies of God Church but instead of him to concentrate on his apostolic assignment, he opted to be moving from door-to-door luring young girls into the ungodly act in the guise of evangelism and deliverance.

She disclosed that the victims would have exposed the man before now, if not for the shame associated with their ordeal but when they could not condone the excruciating pains and other

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