Thanks for the Dual Carriage Way… But!

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The dual carriageway being carried out by Ebonyi State Government is a delight to everybody, especially for those of us living around Nkwoagu Area.

In 1987 when some of us came to Nkwagu, it was easier to come from Lagos to the Spera-in- Deo than to come from the same Spera-in-Deo to Nkwagu. In those days, we from Nkwagu come to town with two clothes. One cloth to the town and the other to be put on after having washed from the debris of the dust, before putting on the other cloth.

At times when it comes to the worse, we put our legs on the road and get to the hall around Chief Ishii side. By so doing, that’s the only way to avoid wearing two clothes in the town.

There was a time when some Directors were sent from the 25 storey Defence Headquarters (Independence building) to come and give those living in the Command Secondary School an induction course. These Directors then came and got stuck at the Spera-in-Deo. After some struggles, they managed to find their way to the Army Barracks and of course, the Command Secondary School CSSA.

By the time these big bosses reached the CSSA, and delivered their lectures, they did not mince words to tell us that any time we find our way to the Independence building, the 25 storey Defence Headquarters; that all we have to do is to report that we were from Nkwagu Abakaliki and all our problems would be attended to pronto, and we’d go.

To say that I have written so much about the developmental stride in Ebonyi State is an understatement. Those of us in Nkwagu can go to town now as many times as one can afford. It is the magic wand of the government. Right from the creation of the state to the present government where the man I call the aesthetic governor is on the saddle, it has all been active in the development of the young state.

Now, he is bringing rapid development to the whole place including Nkwoagu. To do that, the popular Afikpo Road is being created into a dual carriageway. We are really glad. But there is one snag to it. And that snag is the fact that the potholes and excavation created by the caterpillar to the existing road is worrisome. No vehicle that falls into it remains the same.

One would have thought that the road workers would have at least, filled some vantage places, like the bus stop areas, the market areas and of course, some prominent gates like those of the CSSA, etc. In CSSA they are building culvert all right but for one to veer into the school is not without falling into these dugouts, and that is so worrisome.

Most times, when Keke stops to pick a passenger, the dreaded trailers would be blaming their frightening horns there-by, forcing these kekes to plunge into these dangerous crates and the rest is a story.

On the 21st of November, 2019, our own dear Prof. Okemili Mgbada who was preparing for the burial of his dear mother was saved by the grace of God when a bus in an attempt to overtake a keke in the secluded road hit him forcing him to plunge into one of these dugouts and unto a shop where three girls were doing business. We all thank God for His grace. Nobody was hurt.

Please, the earlier most of these depressions are filled, the better for the safety of the people. One has to be alive to enjoy the dual-carriageway.

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