“If You Truly Want to SUCCEED! Find an Instructor

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“If You Truly Want to SUCCEED! Find an Instructor

Who Can Hold You by the Hand and Lead you to your Desired Destination.”

Fear is the main reason why a lot of people do not start their business, either online or offline.

They are afraid they are going to fail in a business they haven’t started.

This is the fear of failure…

I have never seen a successful person that has not before.

Someone defines fear as:





These are a few fear that people dread of

– Fear of failure

– Fear of death

– Fear of sickness

– Fear of poverty

– Fear of losing money

– Fear of barrenness

– Fear of accident

– Fear fear fear, fear unlimited

I got to know of Mr. Toyin Omotoso (THE


Toyin is a seasoned Direct Respect Marketer, Traffic generation expert, and Veteran Online Business Coach. He has mentored several youths in the area of internet marketing, and he is the founder of expertise an affiliate-networking platform.

Now note two things:

  1. He’s one of the Top guys in Nigeria’s internet marketing industry
  2. He’s the founder of Expertnaire, the fastest growing affiliate network in Nigeria where you join, promote top quality digital products and earn a commission doing so;

He’s the creator of the 72-hour income generator system (Premium Video Training), where he shows you exactly how to make money with affiliate marketing.

What does the 72hour income generator contain?

  • Product & Audience Research (Finding the right product to promote e.g., What is the product about, what results does it deliver, how does the product work to get people the results it promises, etc.)
  • Creating your Landing Pages like a squeeze page, thank you page, generating leads, etc. and you are getting free access to a Landing Page Builder Software worth $97
  • Email Marketing & List Building Systems (Building your email List Step by Step, Creating autoresponder, writing high converting email copies that will force subscribers to buy, etc…)
  • The Art of Pre-selling and positioning
  • Driving targeted Traffic using Facebook Ads, Instagram
  • Lots More.

This is what you really need to make a killing with affiliate marketing, and a lot of people are following the training, applying what they learn and making lots of affiliate commissions on expertise networks.

As a lady I shared with you in the last post who received N381,000 commissions last Friday as seen below:

This lady bought the 72hour income generator program and applying it in the expertise platform; she’s now one of the top affiliates on expertise.

Not just that;

this guy below made his first-ever affiliate commission on expertise affiliate network while following the 72hour income generator training as seen below;

Below is a recent one from another guy who made his first-ever affiliate commission following the training;

Haha as you can see, he made his first-ever sale (affiliate commission)

You can see this is a top-notch affiliate marketing training in Nigeria, and you can’t afford to miss it.

and don’t forget my bonuses above when you buy through any link in this post.

and wait; there’s more.

I shared the benefits in my last post, but I’d repeat them here for you again:

Be very attentive here to understand.

Advantage 1. Free 2 years Access to Expertnaire Network

You will be given free access to expertise for the whole two years.

Usually, if you want to join expertise affiliate network where you can get products to promote, you’ll have to pay a registration fee of N10,000 and will continue paying that every year.

But when you get the 72 Hour Income Generator Course, Toyin Omotoso will be giving you 2 years of access to expertise for free.

Advantage 2: Immediate Access to Expertnaire Affiliates Telegram Group for Support

As soon as you get this training, you will also be given a link to join the expertise telegram group.

That is the secret group for all affiliates on expertise to share tips and tricks, rub minds together with the boss Toyin Omotoso, help others, and lots more.

Advantage 3: Monthly Meeting & Prizes

There’s a special meeting for all affiliates held every month in Lagos, and this meeting, affiliates come together to share ideas, discuss with the founder and win prizes (Top Affiliate of the Month), and lots more.

Now don’t miss this because I believe it’s really going to change your life and make you money.

Click Here to get 72 Hour Income Generator for N30,000 + Free 2 years access to Expertnaire and start your affiliate marketing journey.


You can either spend many years trying to figure out something yourself or get a mentor, someone who is successful already.

That’s the only shortcut to success.

Now that I’ve presented you with the best training in Nigeria to make passive income with affiliate marketing, dont delay. I advise you to get the course right away because it works well, and Toyin is someone I know very well.

He knows his stuff.

I strongly advise after getting the course you follow everything and also apply so you can start getting good results.

Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section if you have any questions.

I believe my 72-hour income generator review post helps you make the right decision.

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