Afikpo Communities Renounce Female Genital Cutting

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Following the negative effects of violence against women and girls which female genital cut is among,  eleven (11) communities that make up Ehugbo, Afikpo North local government
area of Ebonyi state, on Saturday November, 23rd made an open declaration to stop the
practice of Female Genital Mutilation/cutting(FGM).

The eleven communities include;  Itim, Ohaisu, Ibii/Oziza, Opi, Ugwuegu,
Amasiri, Ndukwe Nkpoghoro, Amogu, Amata and Unwana , Unwana is the home town of late Dr. Akanu Ibam one of the founding fathers of Ebonyi State though he died before the state was created.

The communities renounce the age-long practice describing it as harmful and obnoxious practice which is as well a violation of the right of women in the area.

The historic event took place at  Amuro -Mgbom Primary School field in
Afikpo during the “Communities public declaration of FGM abandonment” an event put together by the state National Orientation Agency(NOA) with support
from UNICEF.

Chairman of Afikpo North Traditional Rulers Council, Ezogo Dr. Ewa Elechi said “we have come to the climax of this
solemn ceremony. Solemn in the sense that something that started many
years before I was born is being destroyed today finally, nobody is
going to practice it again.

“We invited the women to destroy the tools of FGM because they do the
practice and we are happy that they have all agreed to destroy all the
things they use in doing this FGM”, he said.

Earlier in a remark, the state Director of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Dr. Emman Abah said FGM violates the basic rights of women and girls and seriously compromise their health and
psychological wellbeing.

“FGM is not only harmful, it is also against the wisdom of nature as
it destroys the wholesome and beautiful work of women and girls as
naturally created.

“FGM poses increased risk of HIV transmission, infection or prolonged
bleeding, prolonged labour, still-birth and maternal birth during child birth. It leaves lasting physical and emotional scars and an irreparable damage”, he said. #

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