Chinedu Ogah Foundation Offers Automatic Scholarship to 23 years old Orphan

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Chinedu Ogah Foundation, a humanitarian organization in Ebonyi State has offered Automatic Scholarship to a 23 year old girl from Igweledoha community ikwo south in  Ikwo local government area of Ebonyi State  rescued from Lagos by a security agency.

The chairman of Chinedu Ogah foundation, Hon. Chinedu Ogah, member representing Ezza/Ikwo  federal constituency gave the declaration after he was alerted of a girl from Amagu Ikwo, Jennifer Onwe who was disconnected with her family members and she was in Lagos engaging in all sorts of business to survive.

Citizens’ Advocate, learnt the girl went astray and she was helpless in Lagos and security agency intercepted her and brought her down to Ebonyi and the chairman of chinedu Ogah foundation that she will dwell with him and continue her Education.

The lawmaker who spoke to One of his aides Ogochukwu Elem noted that the foundation is working hard to ensure that Ebonyi children especially those from Ikwo are not left to wallow on the streets suffering.

He said while Jennifer is given the scholarship to further her Education, other aspect of her welfare will also be adequately catered for.

He said, “The lawmaker has directed that she should be placed on automatic scholarship so that her vision and mission on earth be redirected, channelled into something positive .

“We commend the security agencies for their intervention. If not that they alerted the lawmaker who sent us to go after the girl, maybe her mission on earth would have been scattered.

“So we commend the security agency for their determination and those who rescued her, I want to assure that since she is in our custody, we will do everything humanely possible to give her bright future.

The rescued girl, Onwe Jennifer , thanked the lawmaker for the opportunity to go back to school which has always been her heart desire.

She lamented that life has never been easy  with her five siblings since She lost the father and mother in 2013 and 2015 respectively but the the assistance of Hon . Ogah, life has change to her life.

“I Finished my secondary school but there was no money to further my Education because my parents are late. I was a school teacher but because the salary was small a friend talked to me about GNLD and I joined them.

“From the time I joined, life have not been easy and I have younger ones I care for that was why I went into the networking business.

“Am happy today that someone took me up to help me further my Education. This has always been my dream but my family doesn’t have the money.I want to be a banker in life and to help people around. A lot of people are frustrated in life and if I have the opportunity I will help them.

“I have not seen the man called Chinedu Ogah in person but I normally hear my people talk about him it’s My prayers that God will continue to bless him”.#


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