Man Lands in Hospital Over His Failed Attempt To Kill Another In Abakaliki

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A young man and resident of Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Mr. Chukwuebuka….. is currently lying critical in hospital bed following the resultant effect of his failed effort to smash with vehicle his perceived enemy to death in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

Narrating the incident,MrEjikemeAugustine,an eye witness told us that the problem was remotely caused by a fistcuff said to have bursted between the victim and another man whose identity is yet to be known during a nightclub on Friday 22nd November,2019 at Mile 50

He said that while the entertainment was ongoing suddenly MrChukwuebuka engaged the man in a fight and instantly they were separated by other clubbers but before then,the victim’s shirt had already been torn into debris in the process,an action said to have triggered his annoyance.

According to MrAugustine,shortly after the fracas,it was assumed that the matter had ended,without knowing that the the victim had allegedly vowed to deal decisively with his opponent at all costs.

He claimed that some minutes later,the other man who was unaware of the said ploy left the entertainment center through a commercial motorcycle rider for his home but MrChukwuebuka,in his bid to hurt his suspected foe boarded his………..and began to chase the motorcycle but as fate would have it,the man sensed danger following the reckless manner at which a particular car was moving behind them and thereby instructed the rider to divert to another route.

He told us that when the victim found out that the motorcycle occupants were about to escape his tactic,he increased the speed in his vehicle to enable him knock them down but unfortunately,he lost his target alongside control of the car,rammed on a stationary vehicle with the inscription”For sale” and sustained injuries.

“After the two men were separated from the fight at the club,nobody knew that MrChukwuebuka was still incurbating evil against the other man until after i have received a distress call,ithen,rushed to the scene and found him half dead” he said.

A resident of the area,Mr Sunday Afamefula,told us that at the scene, as people were running helter skelter trying to remove him from the mangled car,the other man,having recalled the scenario secretly left for his home leaving people agape on how the incident happened.

He further claimed that the men’s clash could not be unconnected with struggle over a lady at the club thereby blamed the victim for his alleged unforgiven heart.

“Naturally,fight that exists between men does not usually last beyond the scene,thus,if the victim could have such plan to kill both his opponent and the okada man who does not know anything about the issue,he really meant evil” he said.

MrAfamefula further disclosed that following the magnitude of the injuries, the victim was rushed to an unknown hospital while his car was also removed leaving the stationary vehicle owner to his fate.

A security personnel from Kpirikpiri Police Division who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity confirmed that there was such crash within their jurisdiction and added that before their patrol team could get to the scene both the victim and his damaged car had been evacuated while we gathered that Mr. Chukwuebuka was responding to treatment as at the time of filing this report..

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