Life is a Race……

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Life is about competition, the competition began from the beginning, in a struggle for survival. There are millions of sperms that swim into the ovary, but it is the survival of the fittest, only one sperm fertilizes the egg out of millions of sperm that swam. Some will die on the way, some will swim back outside, some will remain immobile while some will reach the egg, but that one lucky spermatozoon wins the game and fertilizes the egg.

The battle is rough and tough, but the strongest wins to form a foetus that grows to be ‘You’. When you are born, the race continues, at every stages of our life, we compete directly or indirectly with others. At every victory of a race begins the beginning of another race.

To be in the race, you need to understand the rules of each competition, but should you not understand the rule of the competition you are in, you may keep failing until you understand the rules, then you can have the chance of becoming a winner.

Even when you understand the rules, until you play by those rules, you may not win the race to graduate to the next level.

By abiding by the rules of each game at each level you are in, then you can win, but when you default in the rules, you will be penalized and you have to face the consequences.

Every game whatsoever has its rules and regulations and every player is expected to abide by the rules of the game. Once you fail to abide by the rules you are either given a yellow card as a warning or a red card to disqualify you.

Until you understand that life is a race and that you are expected to run accordingly and play by the rules, you may never win the race.

You might encounter challenges in your race that will look like you’ve failed, but it is not a failure, it is just a challenge.

Recently, there was a baby that was delivered and attached to his head was the contraceptive that the mother placed in herself to stop her from conceiving.

That was an obstacle for the sperm when it was swimming inside, but it bypass the obstacle and went ahead to fertilize the egg.

Are you facing obstacles that make you think it is the end of life, no, it is just the bend in the race of life, not the end, turn and the journey continues, till you win and overcome all the obstacles.

In your race of life, you’ll encounter a lot of stumbling blocks; turn them to stepping stones.

Everyone has a specific role to play on earth that’s why you cannot cover up for someone else because everyone has got his or her own role. The sky is too big for two birds to collide, it’s not possible.

If you have failed at one point or the other does not mean that you are a failure. George Washington was raised in a bad climate known as valley; NELSON Mandela was locked up in a jail for 27 years.

In the race of life, when you miss a step, you might fail, some other times, you have done everything correctly, you may still not achieve what you have planned to achieve, never give up, persist and run the race till you finish and get the crown.

Failure might be waiting for you at one junction or the other, waiting to discourage you that you will never get there, but it’s up to you to either accept defeat or stand up and face it.

Friends, your worlds need you, never look down on yourself; of course life will never give you what you desire but will only give to you what you strive for.

Being pessimistic is the first step to making yourself a permanent failure, but being optimistic will help you to have a positive mind in pushing and striving till you receive the trophy.

All you need to do it, take charge raise your head high and look at the world straight in the eyes, challenge your present situation and do not give in to failures or challenges that come your way, you can win this race of life if you think you can.

M-rald World says, “As long as you can think it, you can do it” Do you think you will fail, if yes, you are already a failure, but when you think you will win the trophy, it is the first step to achieving your goals.

Rudyard Rippling said, “Your ability to keep your head up when others are looking down makes you a winner, the best hobby for you now is to sit down, think and ask yourself what have I done with my life? No much time for excuses, because the minute, hours, days, weeks and month are fast passing by. You have to be positively minded and erase from your heart such thought as pessimism, nonchalance and procrastination as the time of man is precious and unique. Life will not permit you my friend. It’s time to pocket the excuse of yours because we are no longer anxious to become future leader tomorrow but are already leaders today.”

Never allow your background to put your back on the ground. Go forth and win the race of life at every phases of your life irrespective of the challenges you face on the way.

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