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Here I stare in the face of something new

My resilience and hard work paid off

Yet I feel numb and feeble my marrow

Fail me not I plea


In your absence I am weak and feeble

I hear myself in an obscure echo

New phases get me anxious and excited

That I fear I can’t face it alone


I try to throw in the towel

And end it all at once

Here it knocks on my door

Behold! A new beginning


You’re all I’ve got to hold onto

I can’t afford to let go

I’ve got no backup but you

Fail me not I plea


Albeit I have lost all my strength

My heavy heart was melted by you

I feel elevated within me

Fail me not I plea


I stand here starring at a new beginning

With so much excitement

But lost courage

Fail me not I plea


I need you to give away the doubts

You’re all I’ve got right now

Now I need you more than ever

Fail me not I plea

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