How De-worming Pills Nearly Kill 5 Pupils in Agbenyim

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Five Pupils of Jerusalem Academy Nursery and Primary School, Agbenyim Ndebor have narrowly escaped death on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 Agbenyim Mgbaluku autonomous community Izzi LGA after taking deworming pills.

The affected pupils who almost lost their lives are, Nwogha Chidalu, Izzi Christian, Nwibo Chidube, Nwibo Chidera and Nwibo Chinaza.

Master Chidube while narrating his ordeal said that, around 12.00 noon, three persons came to their school, 1 man and 2 ladies, and they asked them to go to their various classrooms because it was break period.

They went in and started sharing the drugs to them depending on their height but most of them refused taking the drugs, but aunty Gloria Omeya forced everybody to take the drugs if not she would flog them and that made them to take it.

He further said that after taking the drugs, he could not discover where he was and so he ran to their compound where he fell down and his people ran to him and started asking him what the problem was.

After narrating what happened to him, his people started running around for coconut water and red oil to neutralize the power of the drugs and save his life.

According to Izzi Christian, when his parents discovered what was going on they gave him coconut water, peak milk and red oil to neutralize the power of the medicine but since their efforts proved abortive, they rushed him to Ndiabor Ishiagu Community Health Care where he received series of treatment.

Miss Nwogha Chidalu while stating her plight to our reporter, said immediately she took the drugs her eyes and stomach started turning her to an extent that she didn’t know what she was doing. She further said that when the drug started affecting her seriously, she quickly rushed home where she fell down in the parlor and started breathing heavily and her parents came to her rescue by giving her coconut water to drink.

Miss Nwibo Chidera said that ever since she took the drug she has not been herself.

According to the distributor of the drugs, the drug is meant to cure and remove worms from the body; the name of the medicine is prazealnkwatel.

When they were interview, they said it was government that gave them the drug to share because of worms.

However, many people talked about the effects of the drug and how it works. Parents also advised the teachers to always be careful with what they ask their children to take in school because many people claim to be doctors while they are not.

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