For a Bottle of Beer: Mother of 7 Stabs Hubby to Death

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A middle-aged woman and mother of 7, Mrs. Felicia Nome was said to have killed her husband, Mr. Joseph Nome, 45 with a broken bottle on Saturday night, 30th November 2019 at Umuoru Village, Oriuzor Autonomous Community in Ezza North LGA of Ebonyi State.

An eye witness, Mr. Ekuma Eze, told our reporter that the problem ensued between the accused person and the deceased over a bottle of beer which he kept under her care but incidentally was taken by someone else.

He said that prior to the fracas, the drink was given to the deceased by his neighbor, Mr. Ikechukwu Edeigbo during the night party organized by the latter to appreciate some persons who accompanied him to funeral ceremony of his in-law.

He disclosed that during the event, the deceased drank from another bottle of beer belonging to a resident, Mrs. Nweke Marcelinus but immediately he collected his share, he hurriedly went and kept it with his wife, but unfortunately, the same bottle was taken without his consent by the woman who felt cheated over the act.

He told us that as soon as the victim found out what had happened to the drink, instantly, he engaged Mrs. Felicia in a fight over her alleged connivance with the other woman and in the process, his wife’s goods which include bottles of local gin, pieces of fried meat, packets of cigarette and other valuables were destroyed.

He added that, Mrs. Felicia, having seen the magnitude of her losses coupled with the injuries inflicted on her became furious and stabbed the man on his neck with a broken bottle.

“This problem started as child’s play as both Mrs. Nweke and late Joseph shared a particular drink in common until when the former wanted to be paid back as if her gesture was made under gunpoint and the latter on his part, wanted to strangled his wife over free drink.”

“Mrs. Felicia who would have let go, decided to show that she is an iron lady by stabbing her husband to death, they might have realized their mistakes by now” he said.

Youth president of the village, Mr. Uchenna Nwokpoku corroborated the information and added that the accused person is the second wife of the slain man.

He stated that some persons of whom are Mr. Chukwuma Nwode Ogbuewu and Mr. Edeigbo accused of being present during the fracas have been arrested by security men from Akagu Police Division in connection with the matter.

Mrs. Felicia who was caught and handed over to police by some youths of the area, two days after the incident accused the other woman, Mrs. Nweke of being the initiator of her problem.


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