Facebook Free Mode: How to Use Facebook Without Data

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Today’s article revolves around Facebook Free Mode which means You can use Facebook Application without the usage of Data. This might sound impossible but trust me when I say it is possible. I believe we all know what Facebook is all about, just in case you don’t. Facebook is one Big social Media platform where you get to Chat with Family and Loved Ones, Video / Audio chat, send a picture and much more.

However, it requires Data to Set up Facebook. Afterward, you can use the Facebook Free Mode, which means you can use the Facebook Platform without any form of Data charges. There are some requirements attached to it in other To use the platform without Data. Read below the requirements to use the Facebook Free Mode.

Facebook Free Mode

Facebook Free Mode Requirements

Like I said above to use this free feature there are some requirements which you must meet up. And the requirements to access Facebook for free will be listed below.

  • A good Smartphone with an Internet connection ( Browsing Phone)
  • A valid registered sim card, yes valid sim card this is because the Facebook free mode is supported on almost Network service.

Above is all you need to use the Facebook Free Mode, Now that you know the requirements, that bring us to today’s content which is How to use Facebook without Data.

Procedure to Use Facebook Without Data

Below is the procedure to use Facebook without any data charges.

  • Kindly insert your valid airtel sim card into the Smartphone you want to use.
  • Then connect to the Internet it can be wifi or Your device data connection. Be sure you don’t have an active data on your sim card. If you have active data then your data will be charged.
  • Next, Launch your favorite web browser and visit facebook free platform at free.facebook.com you will be redirected to the Facebook main page. Just be sure your data is turned on.
  • On your screen you will get a pop up like Use Facebook for free – You won’t be charged for data. Kindly click on continues to access Facebook Free Mode.

With the above guide, you can now use Facebook without any data charges. However, note that using free mode it has some restrictions, which are Firstly you can’t watch video on the platform while using the free mode, also you might not see some photos. Chatting is smooth while using free mode.

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