Effect of Pornography on Children (2)

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Exposure to pornography is harmful to children of all ages!

The eyes they say is the window to the soul, children often practice what they are taught, they do what they see and are likely to act on impulse on things they see and hear, that’s why they say you should live by example in the presence of your children. What you don’t want them to imbibe, don’t do it in their presence.

There was another family, the father watches pornography constantly, one day while he was watching the DVD from the DVD player, there was power outage, NEPA didn’t restore light till he went out and that day, he came back late.

But something happened in his absence, not long after he left the house, NEPA restored light and the daughter wanted to watch movies, as she turned on the DVD player, she saw the pornography video playing, she was captivated and kept watching, that was how she got introduced to watching pornography, after that time, she went to purchase hers and started watching different types.

The effects of pornography on children and young people found a growing evidence showing that adolescents’ use of pornography can negatively influence their knowledge about sex, safe sex practices, gender roles, and could lead them to have unrealistic expectations about sex. Seeing unfamiliar looking bodies engaging in acts that a child cannot comprehend is a confusing and frightening experience for a child.

EDITORIAL-Changing Criminal Minds to National Assets

Pornography has significant effects during all stages of family life. For a child that is exposed to pornography within a family setting, pornography causes stress and increases the risk for developing negative attitudes about the nature and purpose of human sexuality.

According to a researcher, Anne Hollonds said attitudes and responses to pornography exposure varies by gender, with females having more negative views and responses, such as shock or distress, compared to males who are more likely to find pornography amusing or exciting.

Exposure to pornography can shape young people’s expectations about sex, for example about what men find pleasurable, what they expect their partners to do and how consent is negotiated.

Recent research also shows an association between consuming pornography and boys perpetrating sexual harassment.

Boys as they grow into adolescents, those who view pornography frequently were more likely to view women as sex objects, strengthening attitudes supporting sexual violence against women.

Research also suggests that adolescents who consumed violent pornography were six times more likely to be sexually aggressive compared to those who viewed non-violent pornography or no pornography

Children may experience autonomic sexual arousal at the sight of pornography, which can confuse them into thinking they like what they see, when in fact their bodies are reacting instinctively without the approval of their brain.

Children and adolescents can become de-sensitized to pornography exposure and this can result in acting out sexualized behaviors with other children and engaging in high-risk sexual experiences by adolescents.

Parents should however teach their children sex education in such a way that they will know what pornography is, how to avoid watching it even though you may encounter it in various ways, especially in Hollywood movies or other movies.

There are normal movies that I believed are pornography because of the high level of sexual contents, such as Spartacus, some people love the movies because of the high level of sexual contents inside it, children could be introduced to pornography from such movies.

Use of adult pornography or other sexually explicit materials in a home should be prohibited and never be accessible to children, when the children have access to it, it becomes a cankerworm that devours them and changes their perspective about sex and sexuality.

For safety of our children, it is better that sexually explicit objects, images or videos should not be taken into the home at all, because children can ransack the house and find things in a secret place, a place where you thought they can never reach.

To breed Godly children who will bear and breed other Godly children, pornography should be eradicated within the home and children should be taught on how to flee from pornography whenever they come in contact with one or similar objects or visuals.

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