Tales Corner-Do What You Preach

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In a world where everyone wants to sound woke without being awake, fakeness has become the air we breathe. I remember last year when my friend graduated from the University. She posted only few pictures on the day of her final year exams. I know how excited writing your final papers after spending four to five years in school can be. Of course when I graduate I will flood my timeline with pictures.

This my friend is a picture freak so I was just surprised she didn’t post much. But, people change so I didn’t bother her about it. Few days later, she was in my DM telling me on how she followed the words of another and did not post pictures as much as she wanted to. Being one that loves stories, I asked for the full details. Let’s call her Chioma. According to Chioma, few days before the day of her final year last paper, she was having a chat with a mutual friend of ours, Ifunanya.

Somehow, the discussion went to the issue of final year. Ifunanya told Chioma that people posting pictures after their final paper makes no sense to her.  She stated that they do not know anything about the real world which was waiting for them.

Chioma saw sense in what she said and agreed to it. According to her, some of her coursemates who were rejoicing already have carryovers and some did not even know what they wrote in their last exam… Fast forward to the day Ifunanya finished her exams, her whatsapp status was literally a ring. She posted even videos. Chioma bitterly complained to me and vowed she would never ever believe whatever Ifunanya tells her.

Thanks for your patience. Though this story portrays that you should not believe whatever others say, it also goes to show that we have become people who say one thing and do another. We lie on social media to show our level of wokeness but we cannot live up-to the lie.

Another instance I will give you is that of someone I know who posts contents on how she is hustling, how she is an independent lady and all that…  Recently, I found out that she is hustling from her boyfriend’s pocket. Hey you! Yes, you listen. I know how tempting it can be but do not join the bandwagon of people who are white and intelligent on their social media platforms but dark and vile in real life. If you are not a feminist stick to what you believe in. Do not be a social media feminist but in real life you believe in gender roles.

Saying one thing and doing another only makes you a liar. About lies… one lie leads to another, you have to keep lying to make up the previous lies you have told. In turn, no one trusts another who lies.

On the other hand, there is one peculiar thing about humans, we learn from action better than words. We might forget whatever words our teachers say but we cannot forget easily the actions demonstrated, the words that were put into play, into actions, words brought to life.

Have you ever watched children play? If you haven’t, try to observe them the next time, they imitate the adults. This is the same with all humans, we learn from actions more than words.

Ask yourself what do others learn from you? So when you preach, do that which you preach. Do not advice others not to steal when you are ‘Anini’ himself. Do not tell others to be independent women and accept monetary gift from guys. Do not tell others not to fornicate while you are the Chief of fornicators. Do not tell others not to commit adultery while you are the number one man on the list of adulterers.

As an ordained man of God and minister of the faith, do not stand on the pulpit to preach to us about forgiveness when you have refused to forgive your wife for offending you. As a human, do not tell others to help one another when you have not lend a helping hand to your neighbor. Do not preach love with your heart full of hate.

Do not be a hypocrite. Do what you preach. Let another learn from your actions. Do not be the man who tell others “follow my words but not my actions” rather be the man who says “follow my words as well as my actions”

I’m not ordering you, I’m advising you. Take it or leave it, the ball is in your court. Bear in mind that your actions is what people see, your action shows who you are and what you are capable of doing. Your action brings people to you; those you will help and those who will help you. Your actions shows if you can be trusted. Be you.

Remember, none of us is leaving here alive!

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