Wisdom for Winning in Life (5)

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What’s your take on the competition? Mind you, I am not talking about healthy or unhealthy competition. Competition I mean. Well, you may say, ‘I am a believer with certain fundamental beliefs. I don’t actually believe in competition’. As a religious person, ‘my motive is simply to satisfy my conscience and God.

I care-less who competes with me as long as I am okay and comfortable’. Anybody can win once I am not losing too. Everything is predestined by God; who gets what is already ordained and predestined by God and nobody can change that. Well for me, another may say, ‘what is written is written and cannot be unwritten no matter what you do’. I am not thinking of competition and am not competing with anybody.

He that competes with another is not complete. We are not of them that compare themselves with themselves…they are not wise and bla, bla bla! Whenever a competition is raised as a topic, divergence opinions are pointed out.

Religious view, psychological view, narrow thinking, mediocrity thinking and complacent mind, etc. even though they may not be scientifically proved, established or founded. Consider this question: Does competition suggest or connotes comparing yourself with another? If God has ordained it like that, must we work at all to eat and meet our responsibility since God already knows who get what? In my assumption; there are two types of competitions; Self and Systemic competitions.

Most times when admonished to avoid competitive spirit, the advice is against seeing an individual as your rival that engenders bitterness, however, the systemic competition is what an individual cannot avoid, you have to face it squarely, otherwise, You will lag behind forever.

Competing with You!

You are first and foremost to compete with You! Compete with Yourself; your talent, skill, energy, ability, gift, time, vocation, profession, calling, assignment, natural endowment etc. How do you compete with yourself? Have you reached your peak? Have you maximized your time and your brain capacity? Are there idle time, leisure and luxury time that could be judiciously converted and use for productive activity? Is your performance the best in your industry, calling, profession, discipline, vocation, occupation, gifting, and talent? Are you utilizing your brain capacity to the best maximum? What have you done with the brain? What dandy exploit have you done with the brain, your energy and your time? Is your mental ability expanding, reducing and evolving for maximum use? Compete with you first. Research has shown that no human being has used up to 10% of the brain/mental capacity. What a pity!

Competing with the System!

If you can compete with You! You will be able to compete with the ‘system’ otherwise You won’t. To compete with the system means, competing with the established rules, regulations, standard, opinions, principalities, parameter, yardstick, and the world at large. The world is designed and governed by system.

There are following system; The Political system, economic system, class system, merit system, even religious system. There are requirements and qualifications for who gets what and what he/she gets. The system as it were could edge you out if you refuse to run ahead of the system if you refuse to go with the trend of the system. For instance, school fees, rental for accommodation, transport fare and etc are not stagnant or stationary but keep skyrocketing at alarming rate daily.

If someone refuses to take advantage of opportunities at his or her disposal now he may regret later or may not be able to survive in the nearest future. You compete with you and the system. The system has always been set and standard established since the world began.

 The Beauty of competition

Whether you like it or not, believe or not, somebody somewhere already benchmarks you in disguise and without your awareness, Competition brings growth, brings development, leads to improvement, enhances better service, reduces cost, makes you enjoy more for less, prevents exploitation, brings out the best in you, makes you take your comparative advantage seriously and increases your speed.

The Holy book admonishes us against comparing ourselves with another, and powerful orators have told us which I agreed totally with one of my book mentors of blessed memory, Dr. Mike Munroe to compete with You. He that competes not is not complete but he that competes is complete.

Because, the reality of life is, whether you know it or not, agree or disagree is not relevant, ‘You are in a competition! As a matter of fact, somebody somewhere known and unknown to you is benchmarking with you already. Somebody has set you, your status, and your family, your company, as a model or parameter to measure up. Would you be stationary?

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