Umahi Approves N178bn for Ebonyi 2020 Budget…Power Failure Mars the Budget Presentation…EBSHA gets 150KVA generator

Following constant power outage experienced on 13th December, 2019 at Ebonyi state house of Assembly complex, Nkaliki during the state 2020 appropriation budget estimate presentation of N 178, 136,634,975, 38k, the House is to get a brand new 150KVA generator.

Governor David Umahi made the pronouncement while presenting the 2020 budget of N 178, 136,634,975,38k tagged “Budget of growth, transformation and consolidation”.

Umahi said, “Spending on Capital budget has been prioritized in favour of critical on-going projects. A look at the budget proposal shows that Health, Education, Works, Security, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Human Capital Development and Commerce and Industry will be accorded priority in this 2020 budget.”

“The recurrent expenditure of N46,080,516,990.04 is 25.87% of the total budget while capital expenditure of N132,056,117,985.38 is 74.13% of the total budget,” he said.

“While Works and Infrastructure for Concession will receive a total of Fifty Four Billion, One Hundred and Twenty Five Million and  Eighty Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty Eight Naira,  Forty Eight Kobo (N54,125,083,468.48) or 30.38% of the total budget sum. Education will receive a total of Twenty Seven Billion, and Ninety Seven Million, Two Hundred and Sixty Two Thousand, Three Hundred and Eighty Eight Naira Sixty Nine Kobo (N27,097,262,388.69) or 15.21% of the total budget sum.”

“Similarly, Health will receive a total of Fifteen Billion, Four Hundred and Sixty-Six Million, Five Hundred and Forty One Thousand Six Hundred and Three Naira Eighty Five Kobo (N15,466,541,603.85) or 8.68% of the total budget. Human Capital Development and Commerce and Industry will jointly receive the sum of Eight Billion and Sixteen Million, Eighty Eight Thousand Three Hundred and Twenty Four Naira Seventy (N 8,016,088,324.70) or 4.50% of the total sum. Agriculture will receive Three Billion, Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine Million, Seven Hundred and Forty Two Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ten Naira Sixty Five (N3,769,742,710.65) or 2.13% of the budget.”

“Security will receive Two Billion, Six Hundred and Seventy five Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N 2,675,500,000) or 1.5% of the budget sum, making a total of One Hundred and Eleven Billion, One Hundred and Fifty Million, Two Hundred and Eighteen Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety Six Naira Thirty Seven Kobo (N 111,150,218,496.37) or 62.40% of the budget sum allocated to the 6 critical sub-sectors.”

“In Education, we shall inject N7.6 billion in construction and renovation of schools, across 171 wards of the state; we shall equip our schools and construct modern library and e-learning facilities for students. We shall embark on comprehensive training and retraining of teachers to enhance their knowledge and teaching skills.”

“The four vocational institutes namely: The King David Gifted Children Academy, Vocational college, Vocational Agric Training Institute and The Tehilla Adult Education School shall be adequately funded and they shall be a spring board for economic development in the state. Funding shall also go to School Agricultural programme which Ebonyi State is the first to introduce. Sports Development and technical education shall receive full attention. Our commitment towards minimum wage for our Civil servants is unwavering. We shall prioritize funding on the minimum wage and also introduce incentive–based programmes to motivate and reward our civil servants especially our teachers.”

“In our bid to bequeath a functional and effective health care and drive a preventive and rural based health care system, we are building a world class State University Teaching Hospital. Construction work has started, but we shall increase funding this coming year. The 13 General Hospitals and 178 Primary Health Care Centres shall receive increased funding. We shall increase our commitment on the implementation of the Health Insurance Scheme and make it more beneficial to our civil servants.”

“Through our zero oil initiative, we shall promote self–reliance and robust economy through socioeconomic diversification that will reduce reliance on Federal allocations and encourage local content in our domestic economy and ultimately increase the income base through internally generated Revenue. We shall secure the future of Ebonyi children through education and stimulate public and private sector expansion to stimulate economic growth, stability and sustainability, and thus drive towards poverty alleviation, and self-sufficiency in food production through massive agricultural revolution that will involve all Ebonyians. We shall aggressively pursue dry season farming, procure more machines and engage more farmers in modern farming” Governor Umahi disclosed.

Governor Umahi observed that since Nigeria borders closure, there have been minimized or no cases of farmers/herders clashes which according to him shows that the killer herders are foreigners and insisted it should remain closed.

He insisted that there is no place for the RUGA in Ebonyi state  and called for continued closure of the borders as it  has brought about increase in worth of Ebonyi rice and other agro products.

The Speaker, Chief Francis Nwifuru on behalf of other members of Ebonyi state house of Assembly appealed for review of money meant for overhead for the members to increase their efficiency in service.

Meanwhile, the House also passed a supplementary budget of N11,341,97,31,19k for the year ending 31st December 2019.

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