Let’s Talk-Extravagant Spending this Yuletide

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The end of the year is here and people are preparing in several ways to celebrate the season. Some are prepared, some are still preparing while some others are not prepared at all, it looks like December came suddenly, but did it?

There’s a reason for celebrating Christmas, it is to celebrate the birth of Christ, and invariably to remind us that He’s coming back to take us home when He’s ready.

In preparation for this celebration, a lot of people have saved a lot to travel with, to buy different kinds of goods, clothes, foods, meats and other things to celebrate with during this festive period.

There are several people that will travel to villages, towns and other places to celebrate with friends and families. But note, any travel that is not compulsory should not be made at all, whatever you need to give them can be monetize or you can waybill it to them through others that are travelling or through the transport companies, that will save you some stress and extra expensive.

The reasons for this season are, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, appreciating God for making us all see the New Year.

In the view of this, we should celebrate frugally, there are always other days after Christmas and New Year, if you spend it all now, what will you spend after new year? If you are a salary earner, you are likely to be paid on or before 25th December, 2019, and the next salary won’t come until after January, what will you spend if you have spent it all during this season?

Some people spend so much without any income; some spend all their income on unnecessary things, while some spend way above their income.

Let’s Talk about extravagant spending this season and how to cut your cloth according to the material available, so that at the end of the celebration you will not end up indebted in the new year.

How much do you earn? How much do you spend? Is your earning equals to your spending? Is your earning greater than your income? Is your spending greater than your income? Do you spend so much without earning anything?

Whatever the case maybe, you need to put a check on your spending. You must not spend it all now because other needs will definitely arise, it is called unforeseen needs. In as much as you need to spend on necessities, you must scrutinize the necessities and get the most important things first and save for the raining day.

As a journalist and an entrepreneur, I have held so long unto some certain things I was taught in secondary school, one of the things I will never forget is embedded in economics where I have learnt several things that have been useful to me overtime; indeed, the subject had paid me in so many areas.

The first lesson I can never forget is writing a list of things I need, and then sort it out in order of priority, from the most important to the least important, this is called scale of preference.

Having a well-organized list before going to purchase anything helps in cutting some unnecessary things off the list, it helps planning with cash at hand and it helps in buying the necessary things without forgetting anything.

Does a well-organized list help curb unnecessary spending?

Give it a trial, a well-organized list help curb unnecessary spending, it serves as a guide to what you buy and forgo. If your list is having materials of N10,000 including your transport, you shouldn’t take N20,000 to the market, if you do, you might spend the other part on unnecessary things or things you don’t need at the moment.

Remember, need is different from want; when you have a dozen of nice clothes in your wardrobe, with a cup of rice in your kitchen. As you are planning to go to market, food is a need, while cloth is a want. When you have desire to buy cloth and your children’s school fees must be paid, school fee is a need while cloth is want.

Nevertheless, there are times that all you have on your list is need, and then scale of preference will help you to attend to some first, while other times, all are too compulsory, you must reduce the quantity of some things to accommodate part of others.

Some are shopaholic, you just want to buy and buy and buy till the money is finished and then you discovered you have bought lots of unnecessary things that you don’t need; what a waste of money?

There are some people after saving so much money from January to December, they spend it all during Christmas and wait till the following year to start all over again when they can always manage their savings very well.

Others sell so much goods then travel from the city to the village to spend extravagantly both the profit and the capital that they have made in their businesses.

Our society don’t help such people because they instigated such spending initially, because if such person doesn’t spend in the village during this Christmas, he is a nobody in the village, that’s the reason a lot of people will save so much to go to the village to spend it all lavishly, just to show them that “I have arrived”, at least they only see such person once in a year, such will give him prestige in the village.

I know of a young man who refused to travel home for Christmas few years back because he was in his final year, while his mates that are not learned come to the village with cars, to lavish money, but he couldn’t go because he doesn’t have what to spend being a student.

Some others spend so much in buying extravagant gifts to be shared to their in-laws in a bid to play ‘Mr. Nice Guy’.

Parents spend wisely this season as the end of the season is the beginning of a new season; schools’ resumption, where you need to buy new books and pay for tuition fees of your children and guardians coupled with other expenses; house rent, transport fare to work, among other responsibilities.

How will you spend wisely this Christmas?

As you celebrate this season, spend so much on necessary things, overlook unnecessary things. Even when you have so much money that you can afford it all, don’t buy it all, teach your children how to save and let them know they can’t always have everything they want, that is the way life is programmed. Life’s not bed of roses, they may not understand it now, but later in the future, they will.

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