SHORT STORY-The Mysterious Take Over

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My suckling baby brother talked and miraculously grew in size in minutes, he learned quickly as he grew, walked perfectly, behaved and talked maturely, it all began the day my mother sent me to buy some drugs in the pharmaceutical shop while I carried him in my arms, playing with him on the roads, rocking him and tickling him to make him laugh, I never knew the unexpected was yet to come before the strangest thing that befell our country began.

My mother sent me to buy a drug from the pharmaceutical shop, she sent me with our last born, a suckling baby whom I carried in my arms. I pet him and sang lullaby as he cried along the way.

She only sent me a drug that can cure a particular ailment, she didn’t tell me the name specifically, I’ve been to several pharmaceutical shops, asking about the drug, but when I got to the last one, I was confused and I had to call her to know the exact drug she sent me, she only affirm that the drug should be able to cure infection and I told her I would be buying ampiclox, she said no problem.

While I was talking with her on the phone, the most impossible happened, the baby blabbed some things, I looked round to check who was talking, because I wasn’t expecting that a suckling baby would talk. As I was still looking around and saw nobody, the baby again mumbled some things I couldn’t understand, I was shocked, then he smiled back at me.

I told my mum on the phone that the baby just spoke, they asked me to give him the phone, I gave him the phone and he held it firmly and mumbled some things, she was happy that he could talk as a baby, but I was afraid because I really didn’t understand what was unraveling, the baby talking was just the beginning of the unraveling mystery.

As soon as I dropped the call, I made my way to check another pharmaceutical shop for the ampiclox so that we can go home, then someone saw the baby I was carrying, she carried him and the baby started talking to her, she was shocked and I told her that he started talking suddenly, she got adapted to him immediately, by that time I was already purchasing the drug.

As I came out and asked the lady where is my brother, she told me he was there and she pointed where my baby brother was walking, talking and playing around, that was the biggest shock I received and I  had no shock absorber to absorb it, it was so strange that I began to fear, I hurriedly carried him and he tickled me that he wants to walk.

I though within myself, hope my brother’s case is not like the case of ‘Benjamin Button’ who was diagnose with progeria, grew old as a baby and grew younger as he aged, but my brother’s case was worse than that, Benjamin Button’ growth was in years, my brother’s growth was in minutes, fear swallowed me up and I waited patiently to see what happens to him as he continued his miraculous strange growth, deep in my heart, I hoped and prayed at the same time that he doesn’t end like Benjamin Button.

Progeria, also known as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS), is a rare genetic condition that causes a child’s body to age fast. Most kids with progeria do not live past age 13. The disease affects both sexes and all races equally. It affects about 1 in every 4 million births worldwide.

I dropped him and in a twinkle of an eye again, he grew in size, this time, my shock absorber immediately absorbed it and I just kept wondering what’s happening to him.

My friend suddenly appeared from nowhere and we started talking, by this time, my brother has grown tall to more than 4 feet tall, he related with my friend very well and my friend fell in love with him, they like each other and related as friends, but my brother was still making some grammatical errors in while he converse with us, but we correct him each time he makes a grammatical blunder.

My friend stopped a bus, he moved closer to him, whispered some things to him and he said we are going to buy fuel, I thought within myself that was he able to do that because he was wealthy?

They came back with the bus and the driver drove off, when we got to the place, he said we should alight, three of us alighted from the bus, I saw my friend wielding a pistol with a silencer attached to the muzzle of the pistol, I was a bit scared, the driver too was and he hurriedly turned back and drove off, I never knew what he saw in the front was terrible.

As we alighted, it was as if we were in a war zone.Initially, I thought I knew my friend so well that he would never hold a real pistol, that it was a toy gun, maybe to use to scare people away, but when I saw others carrying different types of gun, goosepimples grew all over my body and every second it sends shivers down my spine. As we progressed forward he held his pistol boldly and wave it to greet others, they also waved theirs back to respond, I also saw one of my former colleagues with his gun, we exchanged pleasantries.

In one uncompleted 3 storey-building, I saw so many people clustered in front at each level of the storey building, carrying different kinds of gun; revolver, double barrel, AK47, pistol with silencer, some wore military camouflage wielding their weapons silently, I believe we were allowed to pass because of my friend’s weapon, that was when I knew I don’t know my friend at all.

As we progressed in our journey, I saw what could be described as a state of lawlessness, disorderliness, hopelessness and helplessness. My brother walked beside me quietly in fear, that was when he clung to me like a baby he was.

My friend scared me a bit, he pointed his pistol towards me and made a sign like he wanted to shoot, I was scared, he shook me and laughed.

As we finally arrived our destination, that was when I knew that things had really gone worst. There, the hope of the hopeful was melted, it was a butcher house.

There, we met the oppressors, tormentors and the persecutors, they were the ones in charge, they were in different groups, wearing military camouflage, some with guns, some with matchets, some with hammers and others were processing the remains. These sets are all wearing military camouflage with the inscription ‘KGF’, I asked my friend who they were, he said they are cultists that are restoring law and order, but what I saw thereafter portrayed that they were neither restoring nor maintaining law and order, they were there to destroy it.

There, we met the oppressed, tormented and the persecuted, they were tortured and butchered, the tormentors played games with them. These sets are soldiers wearing the country’s military camouflage. They were butchered and melted with acid that there was no remains of them and at the end there was nothing left of the soldiers being butchered, not even a fingernail was left of them.

The first group that we met were playing kill game with the soldiers, they would ask them to run to escape, when the soldier tried to run, they chased him and matchet him, firstly they cut his leg that he wasn’t able to walk again, then his hand was cut off, as he wriggled in pains, they just kept on hacking him, till he gave up the ghost. They were lined up on their knees and this is done to them one after the other.

Each group continued killing the country’s soldiers in painful and disgusting manners. While they continued their gruesome acts, my friend, my brother and I went up, to the last floor of the building to see the aerial view of what happened below and what happens inside the building.

When I reached the topmost floor, I saw the second group was by the left side of the building, using a big hammer to break the bones of the soldiers they tied on the torture table, they lay them face down and hit the hammer on their back till the bone is broken till their waist.

When such soldier is dead, someone will bundle the remains and take it to a pit that has been filled with boiling chemical, throw it there and the chemical will melt the body immediately, turn it to bubbles that will overflow like foam from a soapy water and the bubbles fly away, that’s how they tortured and butchered the country’s soldiers till they were all dead and there was no one that questioned their audacity to kill.

The KGFs have taken over the country mysteriously and there was no one, there was none to stop them and the killings continued, chaos and lawlessness broke out, the KGF took control of everything.

When my brother saw all these things that had happened, he came to me and I told him how much I love him. He surprised me by saying he wouldn’t be surprised if no one love him after all these things, but I assured him that I’ll always love him and we’ll always love him as a family.


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