Coordinator Ishielu West D/C Inaugurates Vigilante…DPO Throws Weight behind Him

The Coordinator of Ishielu West Development Centre, Hon. Victor Nnoke has inaugurated security outfit in Umuhuali on the 21st December, 2019 at Onunwankwo

The occasion which was performed by the DPO, Ishielu Police Division, attracted stake-holders and concerned citizens across the community and beyond.

In his opening remarks, the Coordinator, Hon. Victor Nnoke said that the security outfit became necessary in view of the importance attached to the safety of lives and property by Governor of the state, Engr. David Umahi.

He said that this should be emulated and embraced by all to ensure adequate security in every nocks and crannies of the state.

He explained worries over the high level of all sorts of crimes in the area and assured that he would inaugurate the outfit in all the communities within his territory to enable the citizenry sleep with two eyes closed.

Hon. Nnoke, charged the vigilante to sniff out information about the hideouts of criminals, cultists, kidnappers, rapists and all other forms of evils in the area and effect arrests through the police so as to eradicate crimes in the area.

He warned that he would deal ruthlessly with any security man found wanting in the course of the service to humanity and the society, adding that they would begin to receive monetary rewards in 2020 and urged them to work hard to worth their onion.

Hon. Nnoke also enjoined the members of the community, Ezza Umuhuali to ensure that they throw their weights behind the security outfit by saying something when they see something adding that there would not be the expected peace if on every mouth, a padlock is hung.

In his inaugural speech, the D.P.O Ishielu Police Division, ASP Gwezia Kinsley, expressed happiness because, according to him, he saw people who volunteered to fight crime in all ramifications in the area.

D.P.O Gwezia assured that he and his men would throw their weights behind the outfit to realize the noble objective of the coordinator in the area and charged them to ensure crime-free society in Umuhuali community.

He predicted hard times for any vigilante member who would collude with criminals to carryout crimes, adding that only those with clean hands could go to equity.

He further warned against hate speeches, abating crimes, but to always maintain confidentiality in the course of their work to save lives and property in the society.

The D.P.O also urged the security officers to respect the people and abide by the rules of the game at all times.

He further charged them to avoid mistakes and respect and regard constituted authorities and uphold every policy and programme of the governments to the zenith

He directed their attention to some other sensitive areas and asked them to arrest those who sell or take illicit drugs, like Indian hemp, tramadol, etc. and to ensure that they keep away the herdsmen from destroying people’s farm.

He warned that by keeping them away, it is not to fight them but to report any resistance to the police for further action, to arrest and interrogate strange men.

He appealed to them to be attentive and not misuse their materials for work in order not to deform the good intensions of the coordinator.

He said that he had obtained permission from the State Commissioner of Police before coming to inaugurate them, adding that he would always be handy to receive and attend to any distress calls from the outfit to make the ends meet.

He also revealed that those who work well would be lucky to be absorbed by the federal government into Community policing next year by the Inspector General of Police.

He appealed to the sponsor of the security outfit to as a matter of urgency, supply uniform, torch light, safety shoes and weapons to them to begin earnestly.

After the inauguration, the D.P.O introduced the Chief Security Officer, Mr. Jude Chukwu to the public and urged all to regard and respect him to deliver his service to them and the society at large.

In his speech, the councilor, Umuhuali ward Hon. Gospel Nnaemeka Otubo that those behind or conceived the idea of such noble objective. Hon Nnemeke Otubo noted that in any atmosphere of crimes, there would be no peace, harmony and developments and urged parents/villagers to carry the outfit along to ensure success and ‘red harvest’ in area of crime and criminals.

In his acceptance speech and vote of thanks on behalf of his men, the C.S.O,, Mr. Jude Chukwu thanked the Governor of Ebonyi for securing lives and properties of the people of the area and thanked the coordinator and the stakeholders of the Ezza Umuhali town, especially the Like Mind Club of Abakaliki for their support.

He thanked the D.P.O Ishielu for his fatherly pieces of advice and support and assured that they would leave no stone unturned to ensure crime-free society in Umuhuali, adding that he would not hesitate to expose and eject any bad eggs found in their midst in the course of their duties but appealed for provision of incentives to enhance their effective and optimal performance.

He implored the people to support the security outfit by providing it useful information at all times.

Some of the Like Mind club members who spoke to the reporter included their National President, Chief Monday Okeh, Secretary, Mr. James Udenyi and Chief Chukwudi Nwankwo and they said that the club was strongly behind the security organization to ensure that the citizenry of the area sleep with eyes closed and properties and lives secured.

They said that the club would do what it could to provide necessary security incentives to make them functional at all times.

They appeals to all and sundry to support, respect and regard the outfit to make the area a crime-free zone.

Others who spoke in appreciation were Chief Solomon Nwafor, Hon. Godwin Nwanga, and the A.S.O Mr. Onyebuchi Nwanga who assured of their preparedness to swing into action despite all odds as he said, they have been serving selflessly for over one year without any incentives.

Highlight was the inauguration of over 40 member security, blessing from the elders-council of the town led by Elder Ako Nwafor and exchange of drinks and pleasantries.


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