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Imagine today is January 1st 2020, here I am sitting with legs crossed behind my table. A notepad and a pen sits waiting patiently for me at the table. It’s time for another New year resolutions; to sieve my life for the past year, drop the bad attitudes  like its a hot coal burning my hand (life), access the goals I set up during the past year and find out how far I went with it and make great decisions on how to live the new year. Oya come back, stop imagining.

New Year Resolutions are a sort of review of the previous year of our life and how we intend to live in the new year. There are decisions and goals we intend to achieve in the new year. Most people annually set up this resolutions, some write it on paper and tuck it safely in their cupboard, others put it down in writing and paste it on the walls of their rooms to look at it everyday and remember, others smear it on the walls of their hearts….

In a month or two, the effect of the new year will slowly wash away. While some will remember their resolutions and work towards it, others will push their own towards the last layer of their minds. Which time, when the new year becomes an old year, the results call itself, there will be; the ones who achieved all the goals they set out to in the year, the ones who achieved some of their set out goals and others who did not achieve a significant number (or nothing at all) of this set goals. Many belong to this last class of people, including you and I.

At this juncture, I would say that New Year resolution is a sham for most people. Why? Stay with me, I will tell you in a minute.

Like you, I had set out goals for 2019, trust me only a few of those things was I able to work on. Many factors contributed to this but the major ones are laziness and procrastination. There were days I woke up during the year and instead of doing that writing job, I move it to the next year, instead of taking the baby steps in that project, I moved it to next year, instead of setting up that business, I postponed it to another date. Sometimes these procrastinates were due to time and my schedule, other times it was due to laziness. But in the end, this two things contributed to why I did not achieve those desired goals.

Let’s go back  to the  reason why I said New Year Resolution is a sham to most people. It is because most people do it for the fun of it, probably because their friends do so. They would not want to be the odd man out. So they just list a bunch of things but do not take it really serious. They make resolutions and fail to follow it up, that is where the major problem lies.  So another new year is here. I pray that the Almighty keeps us alive to see it, Amen. So while you want to make that new year resolutions, devise a strategy for it’s implementation. Do not write down a full page of things with no plans on how to execute them. It’s good to set out goals (whether you call them resolutions or not)  but it is always best to map out how to achieve those goals. Sit yourself down and have a ‘you’ time. Find out the reason(s)why you did not achieve those goals. It will help you understand where you flawed and how to make amends in the new year.

Dear earthling, do not let this beautiful new year that is on its way be like this one. If you achieved this year’s goals, set out another ones. If you did not still set out your new year goals. (I have done mine). Then, devise a means of implementation. You can talk to other people who know better than you do, seek their advice. Speak to people who are ‘gurus’ in n the area you want to focus on. Do no be proud to ask questions when necessary. Asking always helps.

If this year was good to you next year will be better, and if this year was no so good to you, next year will be better. Just keep working hard. Do not relent.

Lastly, while we celebrate, let us remember them(you know who I’m talking about). The people who cannot afford the necessary things to celebrate with, the poor, the less privileged, visit them,  your two or three cups of rice might be a one bushel of rice to them. I’m sure you do not need to look far to see them.

On the other hand, celebrate with what you have,this season is not for you,  you are not the person whose birthday we celebrate nor the year we are expecting. Be content with whatever you can afford. It is not compulsory for you to eat chicken if na fish you fit afford, chop am with happiness, if na only rice eat am in peace. Remember, some people did not live to see a new day.

Before I forget, spend wisely, January has 60 days oooo! No go dey do pass yourself.

From me to you…

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year. Lots of love!


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