EDITORIAL-Understanding Christmas

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It is another Christmas. The joyful air it brings is clearly evident in the nooks and crannies of the world. Christians all over the world celebrate the significant event of the mysterious incarnation, the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God and the redeemer and Saviour of the world.

It is a celebration of an amazing love that retold the history of man. For with his coming, time was broken into two-AD (Annos Domini – in the year of the Lord) and BC (Before Christ).

So in commemorating this glorious birth that took place at about two thousand and nineteen years ago, we equally celebrate the great life of sacrifice, service and above all love that has gone a long way to influence mankind.

Through Christmas is mostly associated with Christianity, but time have proven that Christmas is not just observed by the Christians alone, but equally people of other religions observe it too. Maybe not with the same reasons for which Christians do, but probably due to the festive spirit that comes with the celebration, since it mostly comes at the tail end of the year specifically 25th of December.


However, for a while, the pomp and pageantry, the rush and festive spirit that accompanies this particular season, seem to be dangerously, eroding the meaning of Christmas. Christmas at the moment is characterized not with the sublime joy and spirit of fraternity, rather during Christmas; it seems the gate of hell is let loose, all sorts of ugly crimes rear their ugly heads, people are in a mad rush, which most often end in terrible fates.

People grow suspicious and paranoid of each other, people get unnecessarily desperate to meet up with targets that cannot be actualized in this life. Some get depressed because there is no money for Christmas clothes or rice. Every one begins to see the season as a do or die affair.

Unfortunately this have in a sinister way robbed off the actual meaning of Christmas, as it’s no longer about the celebrant, Jesus Christ, it’s now about clothes, money, food, etc. Thus Christmas has come to be associated not with new life but new things, that people stake their life or that of another to get.

It is obvious that the world is already taken over by secularism and materialism, but no matter how the world tries; the continued influence of Jesus Christ in global context cannot be downplayed.

However, we must not throw all caution to the wind, we must go back to the drawing board, to redefine what Christmas is and its purpose. This will help us understand that Christmas is not all about squandering a year’s earning in a day, or trying to buy the whole world just for a day.

Christmas remains a story of love, if a God who loved us so much, that he came to visit us, and walked the streets of man, it is a celebration of love, of new life not new clothes. It is a call to love God, ourselves and our neighbour.

This is Christmas.

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