Short Story-The Foiled Take Over (1)

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My father is wealthy, he has a lot of wealth that he controls both the Empire and beyond, people from far and near come to take of His wealth, He gives to everybody that request from Him, He has it all, He gives cheerfully, He also give His children that are in need, sometimes before they ask, He has given them all they need. He is the greatest within the Empire and beyond the Empire, He is the reason for the existence of the Empire, the beyond and all that dwells within both.

You may be wondering who am I talking about, He is my Father, the one that has it all, He owns both Empire and beyond the Empire, He dwells in there and sometimes takes a stroll outside the Empire, since He owns it all.

Wherever He goes, I follow Him, there was nothing that He did that passed me by, He is always there for me, He speaks to me whether I am beside Him or a distant from Him, in a small still voice He speaks, wherever I am, I hear His voice and follow His instructions.

Everything was rosy and everyone was happy until the day He was attacked. His attack threw confusion into the Empire, but it was just in a twinkle of an eye when he truth unfolded.

The Coup d’état that was plotted started, but it wasn’t a successful one, it looked like it was achieved, but with the events that followed, I knew it was a foiled take over.

One day, my Father left His Empire, examining the outer court, he went upward towards a shade that He had built directly opposite the Empire, to relax, attend to people who had come for one thing or the other.

They were on a queue outside the shade, while he moved into the inner court of the shade to attend to them, I was at the entrance ushering the guests inside as soon as He was done attending to one, there was no one that my Father ever sent away from His presence, He accommodated everyone, and gave to all of them what they requested accordingly.

I ushered in the last guest, he looked not strange to me, he wore a cowboy cap, well dressed in suit, since the outside was sunny, he used umbrella and as he entered the shade, he folded His umbrella.

While he was talking with my Father, everything went well for a while and in a twinkle of an eye, I heard a gunshot, I never knew how it happened, at close range, my Father was shot by His last guest, while lying on the floor, my father told one of His trusted servants in His cabinet to go and call His Barrister because all is not well.

As he made his way out of the shade to run towards the Empire, the guest that shot my Father picked his sniper and shot the messenger who fell down as he ran towards the Empire, by now, I didn’t know how I got to the gate of the Empire, I was leaning towards one of the pillars supporting the gates. In awe, I watched all that happened.

The messenger after he has been shot once, tried to rise up and make it to the Empire, I saw the guest left my Father for dead and walked towards this messenger to have a second shot at him, I signaled to him to lie down that he’ll be shot, but he was so eager to go and deliver the message, the guest set his sniper and shot him dead the moment he rose up and took the first step.

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