Chinedu Ogah Empowers Blind Man, Widows, Others

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To mitigate the plight of the Citizenry, the lawmaker representing Ezza South/ Ikwo Federal constituency Hon. Chinedu Ogah has distributed about 15 tricycles, 150 motorcycles, Cassava grinding machines to indigent persons in his constituency.

The lawmaker who was sworn in on the 19th November, 2019 after Tribunal and Appeal court judgment, also distributed bags or rice, cow meat, wrappers, cooking condiments to widows from Ikwo and Ezza.

A blind man who is a father of three, Mr. Ogonna Nwokora Isaiah (aka Sikdo) from Enyibiri Aliki Ikwo expressed shock over what he described as an unmerited gesture.

He however broke down in tears after receiving the tricycle gift from the lawmaker and he prayed to God to continue to bless the lawmaker who has been there for his people.

As tears of joy flowed down his cheek, he smiled and said, “This is tears of joy because I am overwhelmed, I didn’t expect this type of gesture to come to me. I really thank God for this gesture from Comrd. Chinedu Ogah, I lost my sight in 2008, without Chinedu Ogah I wouldn’t have made it in life even to marry, he married this woman from Ngbo for me. He paid the dowry.”

He said the wife will be the tricycle driver so that they will raise money and train their children in school and solve other personal needs.

On her part, wife of the blindman, Mrs. Ogonna Theresa said the lawmaker had placed his family on a monthly stipend to sustain the family so that they wouldn’t beg for alms on the street.

She said, “We have 3 children, Comrade Chinedu placed my husband on monthly stipend, that is what we have been using to sustain ourselves and the children. He made our family to survive in Ikwo. I pray that God will give him long life. I believe this is just the beginning. He is God sent to the poor, so God will uplift him beyond the level of federal lawmaker.”

Emeka Nweke, beneficiary of cassava grinding machine was happy to be gifted the machine as it will serve as a means of livelihood for him and his family.

He said, “This machine will be fetching me money daily. I am very happy Chinedu is my Ogah and have done a lot of things to me.”

Anyigor Godwin from Ndiegu Amagu ward 2, who also a beneficiary of the tricycle was happy that his labour during the election was fruitful, even though they faced a lot of oppression and intimidation form the opposition party during the last election.

Chinedu Ogah

He said, “I am very happy to receive this tricycle, my struggling in Comrade’s election was not in vain. During the election we experienced hardship and intimidation from the opposition party, but I thank God today, victory is ours.”

Addressing the people, the lawmaker Chinedu Ogah explained that the annual event was different in 2019 because it was celebration of election victory and celebration of Christmas at the same time.

He said, “We are sharing the zonal intervention to them. By 2020 we will influence more life. We are building bridges, installing electricity, empowering people, we have given scholarship to two orphans from each of the 31 wards and one person for Master’s degree from the 31 wards as well.”

“I can no longer count the beneficiaries, because they are many you can see things for yourself. the tricycles and motorcycles will reduce crime because the empowerment skills will make them busy.”

Ogah said, “The empowerment cost about 150m, instead of not doing it at all, I took a loan from the bank because I have to empower this people, if not for their votes, I wouldn’t have been at the National Assembly today.”

The lawmaker used the medium to call on Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to compel various network providers in Nigeria to provide network service in all parts of his constituency to ensure easy communication and connect to the people to the world.

Some communities in Ezza South/ Ikwo Federal constituency including Item-Amagu, Okpuitumo community in Ikwo Local Government Area of the state are facing poor telecom networks.

Hon. Ogah lamented that lack of GSM networks in the constituency have made the electorate and the constituents incommunicado, describing it as unacceptable.

Chinedu Ogah

He said, “I have written a letter to Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to make sure there is network in my constituency. There is no proper network in my constituency and I am worried about it. People in my constituency can’t use their cell phones properly because of non-availability of networks.”

“When there is proper network, people can access our constituency without any hitches and what we are doing will be transmitted to the people and the general public.”

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