Wisdom for Winning in Life (8)

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Winning means you have to abide and play by the rules…There are basis. There are professional and vocational basis and requirements. Don’t be misguided. Don’t misconstrue, misrepresent or misinterpret the rules… Winning means you have to understand the rules…there are professional ethics, ministerial ethics and etc. but as touching winning in life, the universal code is in Eccl. 9:11.

Many are gifted, skilled, loaded, resourceful, educated and intelligent but will continue to fail woefully, even with the heavy load of wisdom and resources at their disposal because, they don’t understand the rules, they don’t know how to apply the rules, they break the rules, or misapplication or misappropriation of the rules

How do I mean? This happens to Christians most times, Eccl. 9:11 is most times not understood or misconstrued; …that the Bible says the race is not to the swift does not mean you should not be swift…nor the battle to the strong does not mean you should not be strong. Neither yet bread to the wise does not mean you should be a fool. Nor yet riches to man of understanding do not mean you should lack discretion.

Nor yet favor to men of skill does not mean you should be a layman and crude. For more on this get a copy of my book understanding time and chance.

Winning means you must be ready to get it all wrong all the time…In life, if you want to get everything right, you will never rise. Getting is right is all about trial and error. Please read and ponder again. Winning means you don’t have to be perfect or get it all right at all. Please note; I didn’t say, ‘get it all right all the time’, I didn’t say, ‘get it all right most time’,

But that you don’t even need to get it right at all. But keep performing, keep doing it, keep working, improving, upgrading yourself, very soon, fortune will smile on you. How do I mean? You must know that there is nothing that is absolutely right or wrong in life…right and wrong is a matter of time, religion, purpose, societal norms and standard.

Perfectionist most time achieve nothing, perfectionist most time are stagnated, perfectionists hardly performs talk less achieve, perfectionist, lives in the fantasyland and perfectionist hardy wins…

In life, ‘a winning team or formula’ is much more important than a perfect or right team. That a formula is winning does not make it ‘right, perfect or best’. For instance, while some are waiting to be right or justified, a weaker team, or seemingly weak, wrong or imperfect is making wave or a head way. Even though everyone considers it wrong but they are ‘succeeding’. How do I mean? Let’s drive this home, a couple, whose wife is the bread winner, to the African culture and practice, is wrong, isn’t it? But they seem to have all their needs met and doing very well too. Another couple who knows their right, advocating and insisting the man must do the needful are suffering and in shambolic.

I know of a lady who would collect salary and surrender it to the husband, yet, at the moment, from mushroom rented apartment, they have moved in into their own house. Also, I know a man, who would submit all his earnings to the wife, the woman would eventually dictate all the spending, but you know what, the woman is not working but they are progressing.

And I also heard of one, where the woman would surrender all her hard earnings to the man and before the month runs out, they are begging and borrowing here and there. Who and what is right and who and what is wrong in the entire cases scenario above? The pursuit of right and wrong is the beginning of stagnancy for many rather than winning. Rather than being defensive of your right, why not observe the peculiarity of your situation and explore appropriately in your favour. The question is, do you want to win or you want to be right?

Winning is assured when you have nothing to lose. You win when you have nothing to lose. How best can I explain this? Imagine you attend a job interview where you don’t actually need the job because you have a better job at hand? Imagine writing a post UME when you’re already offered a scholarship provisional admission in Harvard.

Imagine fighting a battle/litigation the judge is your father. One thing is certain in all the cases described above; you’ll never be stressed or desperate.

You will take everything lightly and easy. In other words, you will be cool, calm and be collected because you’re not defined by whatever the outcome is. In the same Venn, you must consciously develop a rest, calm and spirited mentality. It is an attitude and it is leverage. For your information; A desperado would always lose, A desperado would always be disappointed, A spirited and calm person would always win and have his/her way, A desperado would always be denied.

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