The Foiled Take Over… (2)

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I looked up, I saw the dead messenger, I also saw my Father up in His shade where He was lying lifeless I presumed, the man was still wielding his gun, looking for me. Suddenly, he pointed his gun towards me, I knew he wanted to shoot me, he took the shot and the bullet came from there and passed by, directly in front of my eyes, entered through an open space in the gate and shot a servant that was running inside after seeing what happened.

The bullet was not meant for me, in fact, he didn’t see me, I never knew. I leaned towards the pillar and crawled into the gate, looking for a means of getting my Father’s message across to His barrister. As I entered the Empire, I saw some guards with a strange and mean look on their faces.

Still, in shock of what happened, I ran uneasily, I tried to avoid those mean-looking guards because I felt they were with the guest. I tried telling one of them what happened and he chased me, so I ran as far as my leg could carry me, I escaped that one and another 2 guards chased me, I escaped them also.

I decided to ascend to the upper floor of the Empire where my Father dwells and get His message across to His cabinet. As I approached the staircase to ascend to the upper floor, I saw that the guest has entered the Empire and he was going up towards the upper chamber, that was when I knew he was no guest, he was one of the servants from the Empire who disguised as a guest in order to actualize his evil plan to take over.

He is one of the trusted servants of my Father, he wine and dine with my Father, he was the praise singer for my Father,  but he wanted more than being the one to sing my Father’s praises, he want himself to be the one that praise will be sung unto, pride entered him, he wanted to take my Father’s position just like that, so, he disguised himself as a guest and went out to meet my father, to attack him.

Before he went out, he had gathered guards from my Father unto his side and they were waiting for his signal, that was why they attacked me when he gave them the signal. After I was attacked, every other guards loyal to my Father were attacked and war broke out, there was chaos, the guards fought, the warriors came out to join the guards in the fight against the servant’s followers, those that were neither guards nor warriors watched the battle at a distance, but my Father’s guards and warrior were powerful, they fought fearlessly.

While they were fighting, their commander proceeded to kill my Father’s cabinet members and sit in His throne and become the king.

While he ascended the staircase, I approached the staircase also, he felt someone was coming, he peeped down but I hid under the staircase. As I approached the first stair, he looked down and again I leaned towards the wall, this time I was expecting him to see me because we were very close, but he didn’t see me, my Father made me invisible, he only saw a wall, he looked closely maybe he would find footprints of who was following him but there was no footprint on the floor, I never walked on the floor, my feet never touched the floor.

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