Governor Umahi Denies Belonging to 2 Parties

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Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi on Tuesday denied the media report that he was the only Nigeria Governor who belongs to both PDP and APC.

The media and social media were awash with a report credited to the Governor claiming to be 100 Percent APC and PDP and even sent bags of rice to the APC National Working Committee during the Christmas season.

Debunking the publication which he described as falsehood and misleading, Hon. Barr. Orji Uchenna, Commissioner for Information and State Orientation & Ag Commissioner for Human Capital Development and Monitoring, Ebonyi State noted that the Governor while addressing his supporters who paid him Christmas homage in Uburu cautioned those who were in the habit of jumping from one political party to another, to also know that he, the Governor, has friends and goodwill across political divides.

He said that those who hide under partisan politics to peddle lies against the State government should know that even the APC members know the giant strides and virtues of his administration.

Orji said purveyors of the report in their desperate attempt to cause disaffection against the State Government mischievously misrepresented the Governor as saying: “I am the only Governor that belongs to PDP and APC” and urged members of the public to disregard the false publication.

He said, “This blackmail is nothing but a cheap and childish fabrication that is irritably displeasing to the sensibilities of the ordinary man. It is common sense that no one party member in Nigeria can belong to another political party at a time.”

“The Governor never said that he belongs to APC. He is unshakably a PDP Chieftain and has been a great party man, whose track records as historic State Party Chairman and currently PDP Governor and leader in Ebonyi State are known and admired by people of goodwill.”

“The Governor only said in the course of his speech that those who are in the habit of hiding under partisan politics to peddle lies against the State Government were on a frolic of their own as people of different political colorations including APC know the virtues of his administration.”

“It must be noted that the Governor’s style of governance is that of inclusive politics where partisan politics comes and goes but National interest and patriotism are the indispensable principles of his administration.”

“The essence of this disclaimer is to put the records straight for the information and the right knowledge of the members of the public.”

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