Wisdom Today-Why Good People Suffer (1)

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There will be no need for me to define ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people; perhaps you may need to conduct a thorough and self-examination to know whether you’re in the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ cadre. However, being ‘good or bad’ is relative. Mind you, the ‘good’ is the perfect, unblemished, unbiased, unlikable and above reproach by earthly standard.

Nevertheless, being good may reflect in your nature, manner, attitude and temperament. I’ve seen, heard and read about the suffering of the righteous. I’ve equally read the lamentation of Jeremiah in chapter 12. I’ve been victim suffering what I knew nothing about. But, there’s need for us to be acquainted with ‘why’ the ‘good’ or the ‘nice’ suffers, or why they should/must suffer.  I’ve highlighted few points or reasons why they suffer. Join me as we examine them one after the other.

  1. Good and nice people suffer because the world is wicked:

Good people suffer because the world we are doesn’t need them. They are too good for this place. How long did Jesus live on the planet earth? So, if you are really good…think. We even sing our song, this world is not my own…The world, the system, principles, ideologies, philosophy, traditions, principles and the modus operandi of this world are not designed to favour the ‘good and nice’ people at all.

The world is abnormal to the good people.

The wicked/wickedness rule and reign much more than the good and the nice people

The world is not straight, so, any attempt to be straight with it will bring issues

  1. The good and nice people attempt, and are tempted to play god

Who is good? God is good. Even Jesus said no one is good except God in heaven. Matt.19:17 & Lk. 18:19. Good people are always and most times play the role of God, divinity. So, anyone who claims or behave to carry this attribute of God must also suffer like God. They became the scapegoat. They are fashioned and designed to function and display the divinity behavioural pattern of God on earth for emulation. They show and demonstrate the attributes of equality, justice, team spirit, and wholesomeness.

With these attributes, they want to satisfy all. They are tempted to satisfying all that crosses their path in life. The consequence of this is that, in disguise, they are playing God’s role upon the planet earth and therefore have to share or partake in God’s suffering for mankind. Of course they behave like God. They reflect Christ-like lifestyle and carry the burden of all. With this attempt, they really and rarely say no or object anything even when it is not convenient for them.

  1. Good and nice people are self-deceived and deluded they can fit in into anybody and everyone.

Good or nice people suffer because, they always believed, and consequently deceived by their notion that everybody would like, favor and appreciate them. What a lie from the pit of hell. They are always thinking about good nature and kind gesture will command goodwill, considerable and favorable preferential treatment to them.

The most pathetic is that, they always believe they can fit in into anybody and everybody’s life. They are deceived to belief they can work with anybody. In fact, the reverse is the case most times. Wisdom Today Speaking, ‘you’re not fit, and you cannot fit in into anybody and everybody’s life and situation’.

I use to believe I can marry anybody. Just as every good person thinks he can relate, marry, work, partner, associate, collaborate and sign MoU with anybody. I use to belief I am good, nice, enduring, considerate and empathetic enough for anybody and everybody to desire me. I know I can’t hurt a fly, not to talk of human being. I sacrifice for all without expecting any form of reciprocation.

Of course, you’re desired but not appreciated. Pitifully, I discover I can’t marry anybody. I can’t be liked by ‘anybody’ and ‘everybody’ for my good deeds and genuine intention. My notion that I can work, partner and associate with anybody or work with anybody is erroneous.

My ‘nice and kind gesture’ cannot be appreciated by everybody and anybody. In fact, rather than being appreciated, they see you as timid, and at best a threat to be dominated.  Your gentility, simplicity and consideration are seen as timidity or stupidity to be explored or capitalized upon to dominate you; personal experiences have proven this severally to me. Find those who will celebrate, appreciate, compensate, and compliment you.

There are specific people designed for you. There are people created and designed just for you. There are people meant for you. Dig them out. Fish them out. Surprisingly, you don’t even need to have done anything significant for them. Yet, you will see them commit their lives, finances and resources to/for you. How do I know and get them? By observation, watchfulness, carefulness, divine positioning, prayer and God ordained, programmed and designed situation and circumstances.

  1. Good and nice people suffer because they seem to know too much

You suffer for extreme knowledge. The bible says in much knowledge is sorrow, Eccl.1:18. It is easy to find fault in areas where you seem to know too much. For instance, as a sound music coach, you pin point time signature inappropriate stress, tone etc. easily. While others enjoy the melody of the songs, you will have ache unnecessarily; not because you are a fault finder and not because of hate to the personality involve, but your knowledge of the discipline, profession or the subject matter troubles you. Little wonder apostle Paul says knowledge puff up.

  1. Good and nice people suffer because of how brilliant, talented or gifted they are:

You will pay direly for how good you are.

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