Obeying Our Traffic Lights

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For one who hasn’t visited Ebonyi for a long while, or who hasn’t been to Ebonyi, making a correlation between the stereotyped image made of Ebonyi State and the present imposing image of Ebonyi state, one cannot but marvel at the sight of transformation that has become Ebonyi and its environment, as wrought by the creative hands of Chief David Nweze Umahi, the incumbent governor of the state.

Ebonyi has now really become a most luscious sight to behold, with the beautiful scenery of its flyovers, tarred roads, exotic fountains, the canopy of appealing shadows created at nights, by the dazzling street lights etc. Ebonyi has come to a point where we can confidently beat our chest and say, we have arrived, when we are no longer ashamed to face the condescending eyebrows of critics when we say we are “Abakaliki people”.

Ebonyi at the moment is fast developing, and ranks as one of the best in Nigeria in terms of infrastructural development. The problem that may rear its head is that of maintenance of these infrastructures, if the present government is gone. But that is a little too soon at the moment. A panoramic view of the state shows the different poles of traffic lights standing at strategic areas in the state. And it is obvious that this particular development has come to stay, unlike previous ones that become dysfunctional few weeks after its installment. It is indeed a laudable feat for the state.

However, it is not enough installing streetlights to beautify the high ways. Its beauty lies in the fact that its commands are being followed, stopping when it commands one to stop and moving, when it motions one to do so. But a careful observer would have noticed how with flagrant disregard the traffic rules are being flouted by some road users. The repercussion of this is not only that the flouting of these rules is an act of bad will, it is equally deadly, as it could easily lead to road accidents and unwarranted death. It also mocks the good intention of the state in an effort to make the road safe and motorable.

The government should therefore rise up and set up active bodies or charge the already existing ones that would see that the rules are followed and impound defaulters. This would serve as a deterrent to other road users thus, creating the lee way to making our roads a lot safer and saner.

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