Annunciation  Hosts All Mission School Sports

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By Ekene Anselm Alita


All roads led to Annunciation Secondary School, Kpirikpiri, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state, on the 16th of February, 2020, as all Mission schools from the different parts of the state under the Catholic Diocese of Abakaliki played host to the biannual mission school sports competition, from 17th to 22nd February, 2020. This comprises

The event kicked off officially on Monday, 17th February, 2020, with a solemn Eucharistic mass, presided over by Rev. Fr. Edward Inyanwachi, the Director Department of Catholic Education, Abakaliki Diocese at exactly 10:00 am, with other priests in attendance.

In his introductory remarks, he thanked everyone in attendance, and equally appreciated those who have worked hard to see that the event saw the light of the day.

He reminded everyone that the competition is a brotherly one, aimed at fostering unity and the spirit of oneness which will open up avenues for students to discover themselves and to show that their formation goes beyond the walls of the classroom blocks, for it is all encompassing.

During the homily, Rev. Fr. Ifeanyi Ogodo told the students that the gathering was very important for their formation, as it provides an avenue for them to put to practice what they had learnt in theory within the classroom blocks and equally enable them to exercise their brains and rest it a while.

Father Ogodo said the gathering would equally serve as an avenue for them to make good choices in their future careers, as some of them may end up as sportsmen, thus encouraging them to put their hearts to it and give their best.

He urged them not to see the event as unimportant, or for some parents to see it as a deliberate waste of time, because even in the field of play, one could still learn a lot and there morality is taught.

According to him, “The rules in the field of play point to us that in life there are rules that are to be followed if one must succeed. So, the gathering is not just a fanfare, but through it one could learn how to be fair, play according to the rules and imbibe the spirit of hard work.”

He enjoined the students to make sure they make at least one friend from other schools before the end of the event, for the event is like a bridge that connects, when students from Afikpo or Ishiagu would meet those from Nwofe or Izziogo; and those from Nigercem would meet those from Ikwo for the first time. It is a rare opportunity they should utilize.

He advised the students to be conscious of the fact that the event started with holy mass which portrays that it is a Christian event. Even in the field of play, they should play like Christians, with fairness, bearing in mind that it is not a do or die affair, and that the event is geared towards strengthening the Christian bond which would help in fostering the spirit of oneness, move the catholic world and make a better future.

At the end of the mass, Fr. Mathew Orie, the Chairman of the Sports Planning Committee, called out the fixtures for the day and their venues and time.

He equally cautioned everyone that the event is just a sport and not a do or die affair, encouraging them to lead by example.

He also thanked the host, the Director, Annunciation Secondary School, Rev. Fr. Livinus Obijiofor for always being accommodating.

Before the final blessings, Fr. Edward Inyanwachi, thanked everyone in attendance, especially the Board Members, Department of Catholic Education.

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