Truck Crushes Nursing Mother to Death

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…Husband, Son Injured

By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya and Nwogha Andy Ndubuisi


A Truck conveying goods believed to be petroleum products was said to have on Monday night 24th February, 2020 crushed to death a-22years old nursing mother, Mrs. Oluchi Nwoba, leaving the husband, Mr. Peter Nwoba and their son seriously wounded at Onuebonyi Junction in Abakaliki.

This incident occurred at Onuebonyi junction when the Nwoba’s family who rides on a motorcycle popularly called lady’s bike stopped to observe the traffic light rule while the truck which plies the wrong path crushes them on the spot.

Narrating the incident, an eye witness, Mr. Chigbo Nwenu told Citizens’ Advocate that on the sorrowful day, the man who is a resident of Obama Village in Onuebonyi Inyimagu Community was riding a lady’s motorcycle with his wife, Mrs. Oluchi Nwoba 22 years alongside their little son were waiting for traffic signal at Onuebonyi junction when suddenly the truck driver accused of plying wrong lane knocked them down.

He claimed that the driver was so reckless that he did not either observe road signs or maintain his lane until he crushed the family members where M rs. Oluchi died instantly while her husband and master Ebubechukwu Nwoba sustained various degrees of injuries.

Mrs. Nwibo’s son being taken care by a sympathizer

According to him, it was a result of the driver’s alleged recklessness that provoked some youths of the area who set the vehicle and all the valuables therein ablaze as a means to express their annoyance.

The Truck that crushed Mr. Nwibo’s motorcycle

Mr. Nwenu said, “Immediately after the incident, the driver disappeared, out of anger, some persons who were not comfortable with his attitude set his truck on fire.”

Mrs. Nwoba’s brother in-law, Mr. John Nwoba said that on the particular night, he was already at home, but suddenly around 10:00pm, he received a distress call stating that his sibling, wife and the child were involved in a road accident as they were returning home after their day’s activities.

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